Lively Libations - A Pinch of Green (March 2018)

Thursday March 1, 2018 // By Multiple Authors

Lively Libations - A Pinch of Green (March 2018)BPS Bakery - Large Green Shamrock Sprinkle Sugar CookieThis month we are dreaming of green—not just shamrocks or leprechauns, but also matcha and tea leaves. Go green with the benefits of low caffeine, antioxidants, and refreshing flavors. Since it's both verdant and versatile, you don't have to venture to the end of a rainbow to find the right fit for your menu. This installment of Lively Libations shows there's a green tea recipe for every taste and season.

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Elyse's Smokin' Tea Misto - March Lively Libations 2018Elyse’s “Smokin’ Tea Misto”

Description: I love wintertime, but as winter comes to a close I start longing for spring. I created this drink to mimic that feeling. With the smoky notes from the Hojicha green tea and chipotle combined with the sweetness of peach and rice milk, you get a drink perfect to close out winter and welcome in spring.

Yield: 1, 16 oz. Drink

• 1 Sachet of Mighty Leaf Organic Hojicha Green Tea
• 1 oz. (or 4 pumps) of DaVinci Peach Chipotle Syrup
• 8 oz. of Pacific Natural Foods Barista Series Rice Milk
• 7 oz. of Hot Water

Directions: Steep one sachet of the Mighty Leaf Organic Hojicha Green Tea in hot water according to the package instructions. Add in the syrups and top it off with steamed rice milk.

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Tia's Berry Green Spritzer - March Lively Libations 2018Tia’s “A Berry Green Spritzer”

Description: DaVinci’s green tea was one of my first experiences with both green tea and Yerba Maté. The combination creates a unique flavor that you can’t get with anything else. When I saw DaVinci's new Cranberry Spice syrup I automatically thought of pairing the two to create a one-of-a-kind spritzer. Enjoy!

Yield: 1, 16 oz. Drink

• 1 ½ oz. (or 6 pumps) of DaVinci Green Tea with Yerba Mate Concentrate
• 1 oz. (or 4 pumps) of DaVinci Fruit Innovations Cranberry Spice Syrup  Coming Soon!
• 12 oz. of Seltzer Water
• 4 oz. of Ice

Optional Garnish: mint leaves

Directions: In a 16 oz. glass, add ice. Pour in the green tea and syrup, then top it with seltzer water. Lightly stir it and enjoy!

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Danielle's Matcha Vanilla Frap - March Lively Libations 2018 Danielle’s “Matcha Vanilla Frap”

Description: Get back to the basics with this subtly sweet Matcha Frap. It has the unique matcha flavor that customers love with a hint of sweet vanilla to welcome in the warmer weather.

Yield: 1, 16 oz. Drink

• 2 tbs. of Cafe Essentials Matcha Green Tea Latte
• 1 tbs. of Cafe Essentials Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Creme
• 10 oz. of Milk
• Ice

Optional Garnish: Cafe Essentials Matcha Green Tea Latte

Directions: Add the milk to the bottom of the blender. Next add the matcha powder and bourbon vanilla creme powder. Fill one 16 oz. cup with ice and add it to the blender. Lastly blend everything together.


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Jessica's Matcha Green Tea Lemonade - March Lively Libations 2018Jessica’s “Matcha Green Tea Lemonade”

Description: Get ready for spring with a refreshing Green Tea Lemonade. Made with Two Leaves and a Bud Nice Matcha and Island Rose Lemonade, this drink has all the incredible health benefits of green tea matcha with the added taste of lemonade to sweeten it up and give it that summer flavor.

Yield: 1, 16 oz. Drink

• 1 tbs. of Two Leaves and a Bud Nice Matcha
• 1 ½ oz. of Island Rose Premium Lemonade
• Water
• Ice

Directions: Add 1 tbs. of Two Leaves and a Bud Nice Matcha to 3 oz. of hot water in a metal or glass pitcher/measuring cup. Stir vigorously until the matcha powder is completely dissolved and set it aside. Then, in the serving glass, add 1 ½ oz. of Island Rose Premium Lemonade concentrate and fill the glass half full with cold water. Add the dissolved matcha to the serving glass and stir. Top it with ice and enjoy!

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Dana's Misty Meadow - March Lively Libations 2018Dana’s “Misty Meadow”

Description: It was about this time of year when I visited Ireland. One of my favorite memories from that trip was a quiet train ride through the countryside. The mist made the lush fields such a vibrant shade of green. This delicate loose leaf “fog” conjures those meadows and my pensive frame of mind - it’s perfect for a contemplative morning.

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 1 tsp. of Two Leaves and a Bud Loose Leaf Organic Tamayokucha Green Tea
• 1 tsp. of Two Leaves and a Bud Loose Leaf Alpine Berry Herbal Tea
• 10 oz. of Pacific Natural Foods Barista Series Rice Milk
• 1 Loose Leaf Tea Bag

Optional Garnish: fresh berries and mint leaves

Directions: Combine both teas in the loose leaf tea bag. Steep the tea bag in 2 ounces of hot water for 5 minutes. Steam the Rice milk and pour it over top.

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Katie's Cheesecake Cha - March Lively Libations 2018 Katie’s “Cheesecake Cha”

Description: Cheese...tea. Those words don't normally appear anywhere near each other, let alone describe one drink. But in Asia, where dairy already strikes many people as odd, adding a sweet, creamy foam to tea is a gentle way to sample a strange thing. In the same spirit, this recipe makes the unknown more approachable in the form of the ultimate blueberry cheesecake beverage. The result is familiar yet adventurous, and is sure to surprise you!

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 1 Bag of Mighty Leaf Organic Green Tea Tropical Iced Tea
• 1 oz. of Monin Blueberry Fruit Purée
• 4 oz. of Softened Cream Cheese
• 13 oz. of Heavy Whipping Cream
• 1 ½ oz. (or 6 pumps) of Monin Vanilla Syrup
• Water
• Ice

Katie's Whipped Cream Cheese - March Lively Libations 2018Directions:

1. Iced Tea: In a gallon container, add the green tea and ⅓ gallon of hot water. Steep the tea for 4 minutes, then remove the tea bag, add ⅔ gallon of cold water and refrigerate it.

2. Whipped Cream Cheese: Mix softened cream cheese with the heavy cream and vanilla syrup. Strain the mixture and pour it into a Brushed Stainless Steel Cream iSi Profi (1 pint/half liter capacity). Seal the Profi, attach a new N2O Professional Cream Charger, and shake it well.

3. Assemble The Drink: Pour 6 ounces of iced green tea into a glass and stir in the blueberry purée. Add ice, leaving an inch of room. Top it with the whipped cream cheese and garnish with additional blueberry purée. Sip straight from the cup like the cheese tea purists do, or stir it first if you want to drink from a straw.



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