Interview with Bobo's Founder Beryl Stafford on Colorado Public Radio

Thursday March 8, 2018 // By Dana Schlingman

Bobo's Oat Bars (Boulder, Colorado)

From one pan of oat bars with her daughter to 100,000 bars a day out of an industrial bakery, Beryl Stafford and her business Bobo’s Oat Bars have certainly experienced growth and change. In an interview with Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio, Stafford opens up about the trials and struggles that eventually led to her entrepreneurial success. Follow this link, to listen to the Full Interview.

Beryl Stafford and her daughter BoboHumble Beginning
As a recently single mom with two teenage kids, Stafford needed to reinvent herself. That fateful, rainy Sunday baking with her daughter “Bobo,” Stafford stumbled upon a recipe and an idea with potential. So, with a lot of “shoe leather” and confidence in her vision, Stafford brought her bars to local coffee shops and vendors. Because her formal degree was in history not business, Stafford relied on intuition, the relatability of her story and the quality of her product. With pride and a pinch of chagrin she reminisces about an early marketing budget handwritten in pencil. Stafford learned how to write a business plan while actively running her business.

Handmade Bobo's Bars

Bobo's Original Bar In the Redesigned PackagingGrowth & Distribution
Eventually, Stafford’s persistence and hard work began to pay-off. Word of her scrumptious treats spread to Whole Foods Market. When the chain started carrying Bobo’s regionally, Stafford had the income and incentive to consider packaging and productions changes. Though the Bobo’s operation moved and the bars are now packaged on a production line, Stafford decided to continue baking her treats by hand. Personal touch remains a crucial part of her story - it’s a central characteristic of the product.

Though the scale of the business has changed, its heart hasn’t.

Moving Forward
With changes in packaging, the addition of a new Nut Butter Stuff’d line of oat bars and a recent 8 million dollar investment in the Bobo’s business, Stafford is optimistic about the future. For her sanity and well-being, Stafford has finally been able to relinquish some of the responsibilities she originally juggled 15 years ago. With a competent team at the reigns, she has more time for innovation. In the interview she announced that Bobo’s will introduce a Non-GMO Toaster pastry later this year!

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