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Monday April 30, 2018 // By Dana Schlingman

Toddy LogoThe renowned Toddy Cold Brew System has been enhanced!

Developed in 1964 to extract true delicious flavor without the acidity, Todd Simpson’s design continues to stand the test of time as consumers ask for Toddy Cold Brew by name. Now with these new features, both  Toddy systems are more convenient and environmentally friendly than ever! 

Commercial Model:

Toddy Commercial Coffee Maker - Tree Free Filters Tree Free Filters - Comparable to Toddy's standard paper filters in feel and function, these fabric like filters are strong and do not affect the flavor of the brew. However, unlike traditional paper filters, Commercial Model Tree Free Filters are made from plant material rather than trees. Because the plants used take less time to grow and mature than trees, these filters are considered more renewable and thus have a lower impact on the environment. Plus they are commercially compostable so they can be turned back into soil and in turn, help close the sustainability loop.

Purchase Toddy Tree Free Filters as part of the updated Commercial Model System, in the Starter Filter Set (2 paper filters & 2 tree free filters so that you can test them out) or separately.

Toddy Commercial Coffee Maker - Coffee LiftCommercial Model Lift - Positioned below the filter, it elevates the grounds away from the spigot. After the majority of the brew has been decanted, the new Commercial Lift maximizes output volume by using gravity to drain any brew remaining in the grounds/filter. This ingenious device eliminates the need to twist, strain or squeeze out that last bit of brew. By removing as much liquid as possible, it also makes the filter full of used grounds lighter and easier to pull out of the brewer. The lift is NFS safe and will not affect the flavor of the brew. 

 Toddy Commercial Lift Instructions

Toddy Coffee Maker - Commercial Model: How to Brew with the Coffee Lift

Purchase The Toddy Commercial Lift as part of the updated Commercial Model System or separately.

Consumer Model:

Paper Filter Bags - Now decanting and clean-up is even easier with these new Consumer Model - Paper Filter Bags. Prevent clogging, extend the life of the felt filter and increase the yield of coffee concentrate with this handy addition to the system.

Toddy Coffee Maker Consumer Model - Paper Filter BagsToddy Coffee Maker - Consumer Model: How to Brew With Paper Filters

Purchase Toddy Consumer Model Paper Filter Bags as part of the updated Consumer Model System or separately.

Not Familiar With Toddy? Here’s why we love Toddy Cold Brew:

Who is Toddy?
Todd Simpson developed the Toddy brewing system for his wife who loved the taste of coffee but couldn’t drink it because the acidity upset her stomach. After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1964, Todd tasted a cup of coffee made with a liquid concentrate extracted by an ancient Peruvian process. Inspired, he designed the Toddy Coffee Maker.

Toddy Cold Brew with CreamA Unique Flavor And A Less Acidic Brew:
Because some chemical compounds require heat for extraction, cold brewing draws out different chemical proportions (certain chemicals remain in the grounds while greater quantities of others seep into the coffee or tea concentrate). The altered chemical composition of cold brew produces a smooth flavor and a less acidic beverage (for coffee that’s about 60% less acidic). Check out this flavor comparison with coffee expert Chris Schooley.

High Yield:
Cold Brewing generates a fresh concentrate that keeps for about two weeks when refrigerated in an airtight container (that’s 1 part concentrate to 2-3 parts water, milk or alternative - there’s no judgment though if you take your Toddy straight). Which means that it can help stretch your coffee bean and save you time because you won’t have to brew as frequently. See just how much time you could save, in this fun but effective demonstration by Toddy.

Brews Cold - Stays Cold:
Cold brew is ideal for cold or frozen beverages because unlike an espresso shot, it won’t sour while it’s cooling and it won’t melt ice.

However, It Can Also Be Served Hot:
Cold brew makes it easy to be prepared with a tasty high-quality brew that won’t sour or burn sitting in a hot pot. For example, in your cafe use a Toddy to batch up some decaf that can be heated with hot water on demand - you won’t have to dump the leftover dregs at the end of the day and you’ll always have some on hand.

Toddy Iced CoffeeBrews Tea Too:
As with coffee, this alternative method extracts a concentrate with unique flavor profiles from your favorite teas.

Food Safe & Convenient:
Made with food safe NSF certified plastic, Toddy’s containers are guaranteed not to emit harmful chemicals or toxins during the brewing process. Plus, Toddy’s intuitive user-friendly design streamlines the brewing process from filtration to decanting. Because both models have drainage systems, there’s no need to heft a heavy bucket over a strainer or fish out a makeshift, nylon-stocking filter filled with grounds. (Also, most nylons contain formaldehyde - gross!)

Learn More: 

• Toddy Training Presentation at BPS

• Step-by-step instructional video about brewing with the Home/Consumer Model

• Step-by-step instructional video about brewing with the Commercial Model

• Use this drink cost calculator to see how much bang you can get for your bean with Toddy (1 Batch of Toddy Cold Brew (In the Commercial Model) = 80 Drinks)

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