Concentrate on the Summer Must-Have: Cold Brew

Sunday July 1, 2018 // By Multiple Authors

July Lively Libations PicnicSummer is officially in full swing, beat the heat with a smooth and refreshing cold brew! Because cold brew is such a versatile beverage, we wanted to use this month to show off some of the delicious creations possible with Toddy cold brew. Broaden your summer menu options or boost your next BBQ with fun, creative, and most importantly delicious cold brew recipes!



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Cold Brew Coffee BarCold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Description: Rich, versatile coffee concentrate. Toddy recommends starting with a ratio of 1 part coffee concentrate to 3 parts water, milk or soy. Mix to taste, making your coffee as strong or as weak as you prefer.

Yield: 6 ½ to 7 cups of coffee concentrate

• 12 ounces (340 g) of Ground Coffee
• 7 cups of Water
• Toddy Consumer Model Coffee Maker
• Toddy Consumer Model Filter Bag

Directions: Following the Toddy Consumer Model Brewing Instructions, steep 12 oz. of ground coffee in 7 cups of water in a Toddy Consumer Model Coffee Maker for 12 hours.


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Elyse's Velvet Cookie Cold Brew - July Lively Libations 2018Elyse’s “Velvet Cookie Cold Brew”

Description: Cold brew is so refreshing in the summertime! I created a drink that is both sweet and delicious as well as nice and cool on a hot summer day.

Yield: 1, 10 oz. Drink

• 2 oz. of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
• ½ oz. (or 2 pumps) of Davinci Red Velvet Cake Syrup
• ½ oz. (or 2 pumps) of DaVinci Cookie Dough Syrup
• 1 oz. of Half & Half
• 4 oz. of Ice

Directions: Fill the serving glass with ice then pour in all of the ingredients. Top it off with cream.


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Tia's Cold Brew Thai Coffee - July Lively Libations 2018Tia’s “Cold Brew Thai Coffee”

Description: Cold brew can be more than coffee and water! Adding the Thai coffee ingredients to the Toddy brewing process, truly creates a rich smooth flavor that goes far beyond a typical Thai coffee. To complement this unique flavor blend, try adding a touch of Davinci Cranberry Spice Syrup.

Yield: 64 oz. of Cold Brew Thai Coffee

• 12 oz. of Ground Dark Roast Coffee
• 6 Star Anise
• 1 Orange
• 2 tbsp. of Cardamom
• 1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
• 6 oz. of DaVinci Fruit Innovations Cranberry Spice Syrup
• 64 oz. Water

Directions: Prepare a Toddy Consumer Model Coffee Maker for brewing - insert stopper, filter and filter bag. Layer the water, coffee, and cardamom in the Toddy. Slice the orange in half. Take 1 half and squeeze the juice out over the coffee. Cut the other half into 4 slices and add them to the Toddy. Stir all ingredients gently together making sure everything is saturated. Brew for 12 hours then drain the brew into a decanter. Add the sweetened condensed milk and the cranberry syrup. Finally stir everything together, pour it over ice and enjoy!

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Lucia's Cold Brew Berry Sangria - July Lively Libations 2018Lucy’s “Cold Brew Berry Sangria”

Description: Step into summer serving this totally sippable patio drink! Get your caffeine fix but stay cool and refreshed with crisp citrus notes and fresh fruit. Let this be your new go-too. The booze is totally optional.

Yield: 1, 16 oz. Drink

• 2 oz. of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
• 1 oz. (or 4 pumps) of DaVinci Lemon Syrup
• 1 oz. (or 4 pumps) of DaVinci Raspberry Syrup
• 6 oz. of Water
• 1 oz. of Fresh Raspberries or Blueberries
• 5 oz. of Ice

Optional Garnish: orange & lemon

Directions: Dilute the cold brew concentrate with water (1 oz. of concentrate to 7 oz. of water) and set it aside. Combine the syrups at the bottom of the serving cup. Add ice to fill up the cup. Pour the cold brew over the ice, add the fruit, stir and enjoy!

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Jessica's Dirty Cold Brew Chai - July Lively Libations 2018Jessica’s "Dirty Cold Brew Chai"

Description: The combination of cold brew and Oregon Chai creates a perfectly smooth and energizing beverage. This recipe is great all year round -- on hot summer days when it’s hard to choose between iced tea or coffee through fall when the leaves start changing and it’s cool but you’re not quite ready for pumpkin spice season.

Yield: 1, 16 oz. Drink

• 2 oz. of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
• 6 oz. of Water
• 4 oz. of Oregon Chai Spiced Chai
• 2 oz. of Ice
• 2 oz. of Milk or Alternative Milk
Optional: syrup for extra flavoring

Optional Garnish: Savory Spice Shop Saigon Cinnamon

Directions: In the serving cup, mix the water, cold brew concentrate, chai and your choice of milk (I prefer about 2 oz. of milk but you can adjust the amount to your taste). You may also substitute the milk with water if you prefer. Stir the contents of the cup to make sure it is completely mixed together then add ice and enjoy.

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Kristen's Shaken Not Stirred Cold Brew Martini - July Lively Libations 2018Kristin’s "Shaken Not Stirred Cold Brew Martini"

Description: Are you craving a dessert? A coffee? A cocktail? I’ve got you covered with this all-in-one coffee confection!

Yield: 1, 5 oz Martini

• 2 oz. of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
• 1 oz. (or 4 pumps) of DaVinci Coffee Liqueur (formerly Kahlúa) Syrup
• A splash of half & half (about ¼ oz.)
• 2 oz. of Vodka

Directions: Pour all of the ingredients in a shaker and fill it with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain it into a martini glass! Garnish with some cocoa dust or chocolate syrup.



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Katie's Black and Tan - July Lively Libations 2018Katie’s “Black and Tan”

Description: Ready to try a charcoal latte? No, not yet? Well, you can take a step in that direction with a marshmallow iced coffee, topped with charcoal mocha cold foam. Perfect for days when the mountains are calling but you cannot go, this recipe will bring the fireside to you.

Yield: 1, 16 oz. Drink

• 2 oz. of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
• ¾ oz. (or 3 pumps) of DaVinci Toasted Marshmallow Syrup
• ½ scoop of Mocafe Charcoal Mocha Mix
• 5 oz. of Cold Water
• 5 oz. of Cold Milk
• 4 oz. of Ice

Optional Garnish: Stirling Flavors Mini Marshmallow Shakable Topping

Directions: Scoop Mocafe Charcoal Mocha Mix into 3 ounces of very cold milk and froth in a small French press until you have a stable, not watery, foam. In your serving glass, pour water, remaining milk, and cold brew concentrate over ice. Next, add the syrup and stir. Finally, spoon the charcoal foam over the top and add mini marshmallows if desired.

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Dana's Coconut Cold Brew Tonic - July Lively Libations 2018Dana’s “Coconut Cold Brew Tonic”

Description: A distinctive bite perfectly complements smooth cold brew and sweet island flavors in this sparking coffee. Balanced and sophisticated, this tonic is definitely channeling those summer vibes.

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 5 oz. of Tonic Water (or Sparkling Water if preferred)
• 3 oz. of DaVinci Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
• ¾ oz. (or 3 pumps) of DaVinci Single Origin Hawaiian Salted Caramel Syrup
• ¾ oz. (or 3 pumps) of DaVinci Coconut Syrup
• 2-3 oz. of Ice

Directions: Pour the tonic water (or sparkling water), syrups and cold brew into the serving cup. Top with ice. Gently stir and enjoy!




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Brewing Resources:
 • Toddy Consumer Model Brewing Instructional Video
 • Toddy Commercial Model Brewing Instructional Video
 • An Introduction to Toddy
 • Training Materials Hosted By BPS
 • Instructional Videos Produced By Toddy

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