How to Choose the "Healthy" Products Your Customers Crave

Wednesday January 4, 2023

What does “healthy” really mean?:
Healthy Products From BPSUnfortunately, “healthy” can mean a variety of things–it’s in a state of constant flux morphing with the latest diet fad, current medical research and individual perspective. So what’s a conscientious shop owner to do? Is it necessary to accommodate every need or perspective? Is that even feasible or cost effective?

Understand Your Customers & Their Health Goals:
In terms of the bottom line, it’s how your customers define “healthy,” that really matters most. Identifying their preferences and priorities will help you provide the types of products that will keep them coming back for more. So, it’s important to notice what they are asking for, ordering or curious about. For instance, most customers trying to stick to a diet or avoid allergens will know what they do or do not want to consume. You’ll probably notice questions about ingredients or nutritional labels. On the other hand, customers trying to avoid sugar or fat may ask more questions about calories. To truly understand your customers, we recommend a little investigative research: 

1. Work with your staff to suss out your customers’ specific nutritional needs/goals:

2. Familiarize yourself with current health trends/priorities (here are just a few):

Choosing Products Based on Your Customers’ Preferences
Now that you’ve gathered some data, it’s time to weigh your options. With a clearer picture of your customer base’s purchasing habits and preferences, identify the most dominant trends and preferences. It probably won’t be feasible to provide for every fad or need, so focus your efforts. For example it may not be cost effective to stock AIP snacks if you’ve never had a request, however if you know you have several vegan regulars, it makes sense to look for vegan baked goods. Also don’t feel obligated to overhaul your menu–start small. Try adding a few new options and see how it goes.

Once you know what “healthy” preferences/needs you want to accommodate, it’s time to research products. Though Google offers a veritable wealth of information, it can sometimes be overwhelming/time-consuming to sift through search results. Instead, find all of the product information you need conveniently hosted on our website. Find nutritional information, sell sheets, brochures and more in our Training Materials Section which can be accessed from our homepage, brand pages or product pages. 

 Find our Training Materials From The BPS Homepage

Scroll through the Training Materials for each brand to find sell sheets, brochures, nutritional information & videos.  

Also, access BPS Training Materials from brand or product pages on our website.

Quickly find the nutritional information you need for most BPS products.


Educate Customers About Your Menu (Market Your “Healthy” Options)?
Advertise Menu AdditionsOnce you’ve selected new products and adjusted your menu don’t forget to advertise! Let everyone know that you now offer a new keto-compliant smoothie, that all of your syrups are organic or that your mocha is “Dairy-Free.” When you make changes to accommodate your customers needs, it’s important to inform them:

Since you are specifically catering to your customers needs, make sure they have the opportunity to appreciate your efforts. Showing that you are willing to respond to their requests engenders customer loyalty and in most cases leads to more sales!

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