Sugar Free Warning

Monday October 16, 2023

SF Syrups FreezingSugar free syrups are great for customers that are looking for an indulgent treat but need to limit or avoid sugar in their daily diet. However, sugar free syrups lack more than just the sugar; they lack the ability to resist freezing!  Yes, it’s true the sugar in syrups actually increases the specific heat causing the syrup to withstand greater temperature ranges without changing from a liquid to solid state of matter; whereas, sugar free syrups’ specific heat is low causing them to be highly susceptible to freezing. 

Ordering sugar free syrups during the upcoming, cold-weather months can be really messy.  When the temperatures drop below freezing, sugar free syrups become frozen, bottles break, and you’re left with a sticky mess; not to mention, the fact that every syrup that freezes or breaks must be replaced. This costs you time and potentially money if you run out of stock on sugar-free syrups and are unable serve your customers the sugar-free flavors they desire.

Besides sugar free syrups, liquid products, especially Sugar-free or unsweetened items, may be affected by the winter temperatures. These items include: Califia Unsweetened, Sugar-Free Chai, and Urnex Rinza. 

 What can you do about it?

Heed the following tips and you can increase your chances of avoiding delayed shipments and costly missed sales due to out-of-stock items:

Welcome ! Remember that any order of $1750 or more qualifies for free shipping, and that you will receive at least a $50 rebate towards freight if you spend more than $750.