Charge into Spring with iSi

Monday May 17, 2010

iSi Soda SiphonAre you buying soda water?  It might be time to invest in a soda siphon and make your own!  BPS carries the iSi line of soda and whipped cream dispensers and chargers.  If you’re making a lot of Italian sodas, sparkling teas, or mixed drinks with sparkling water, it might be more cost effective to make your own.  Beyond saving you a little money, preparing your own water and serving it out of a professional dispenser adds a touch of class to your drink presentation and it's fun!  For those adopting a ‘greener’ way of life, consider how many cans or bottles you go through every day.  Using a siphon cuts down on that waste and the small cartridges can be recycled as well. 


After building that beautiful Italian soda, top it with homemade whipped cream using the iSi whipped cream dispenser.  Use different flavored syrups to make your whipped cream for a fun flavor and color component. 


Peachy Tea Sparkler

Mix 1 oz Third Street Organic Peach Black Iced Tea Concentrate with 7 oz sparkling water in a 16 oz cup.  Add ice and enjoy!

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