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Introducing: KidsLuv - Juice Infused Water

2019-04-24 // By Mikenna Curlee
The sugar-free juice alternative with 12 essential vitamins + minerals! KidsLuv produces a sugar-free juice alternative that delivers 12 essential vitamins and minerals. Since its founding, the company has grown from two to five employees, launched in a number of different stores and begun working with an overseas distribution company. KidsLuv... Read More ⇒

Lively Libations - Shaken, Stirred, Layered & Infused (April 2019)

2019-04-01 // By Multiple Authors
Unconventional Dr. Smoothie Recipes These Doctor [Smoothie] recommended fruits and veggies are sure to brighten up your daily beverage line up.  From your morning smoothies to refreshing pick-me-ups, these recipes have you covered!       Download Printable: Recipe Cards   • • • • • •... Read More ⇒

Dr. Smoothie | Customer Event

2019-03-29 // By Mikenna Curlee
Join us for a night with Dr. Smoothie! Come participate in a hands on training featuring the NEW Dr. Smoothie Refreshers. Leave with recipe ideas for a variety of shaker drinks and cocktails made with Dr. Smoothie products! Plus, it is completely FREE! Who? Dr. Smoothie  What? A hands-on training to learn more about the... Read More ⇒

NEW Califia Farms Barista Blend Oat Milk

2019-03-11 // By Mikenna Curlee
 Califia Farms uses passion, insight and intuition to whip natural ingredients into foods and drinks that actually love you back. They believe the world needs a healthier, plant-based food system, so they have brought you a new natural, GMO-free and sustainably-sourced alternative milk option. By popular demand, we are now... Read More ⇒

NEW Munk Pack Protein Cookies

2019-03-06 // By Mikenna Curlee
From their professional lives to their hiking adventures, the owners of Munk Pack were looking for products that were minimally processed, with real, wholesome ingredients. This business started out in the kitchen, funneling homemade oatmeal and fruit smoothies into bottles, and then into convenient, BPA-free pouches with their Oatmeal Fruit... Read More ⇒
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