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Trip Report: Day 2, Jay and Jon in San Fran

2012-02-10 // By Jay Weller
  We started today off bright and early in Orange County.  First, we headed over to Mocafe.  We had a terrific meeting with Tom, Richard and Peter.  We've carried Mocafe products for a long time and we continue to be impressed with the quality of their offerings.  We talked a lot about some of the cool stuff we've been... Read More ⇒

Trip Report: Jay and Jon in San Fran

2012-02-09 // By Jay Weller
  We're at the end of day one of 2 ambitious days of vendor visits.  Jon and I took a late flight last night from Boston to San Francisco.  We arrived at our hotel around 11:00 pm and got a good night's sleep.  At 9:00 am Tessa from David Rio was gracious enough to pick us up at our airport hotel and bring us to downtown San... Read More ⇒
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