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COVID Resources for Coffee Shops & Restaurants

2020-04-07 // By Matthew Moseley
KEY COVID PREVENTION & RESPONSE RESOURCES CDC Guide for Businesses WHO COVID Prevention and Cleaning Guidance   US Chamber of Commerce Response Toolkit   BUSINESS RESOURCES SBA Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist Facebook... Read More ⇒

Personalize Each Latte Art Pour with this Simple Trick

2019-07-04 // By Matthew Moseley
Serve your latte art to the customer right-side up! In order to achieve this with every pour, the position of the cup’s handle when pouring into a ceramic is key so you’ll need to know a couple details before you begin. 1. You’ll want to know your customer’s preferred drinking hand. Here, we would assume that most... Read More ⇒

You're Invited to Meet the Producers 4.0!

2016-04-08 // By Matthew Moseley
On May 5th, better known as Cinco de Mayo, Barista Pro Shop will be celebrating much more than just the heroic military victory of Mexican forces; we will be celebrating specialty coffee with Meet the Producers! Yes, you read that correctly; Meet the Producers is back!  Not only is this our 4th time hosting this event; this time around we are... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar - Pour Your Heart Out! Tips to Help You Master a Free Pour Latte Art Heart

2016-02-12 // By Matthew Moseley
‘Pour your heart into it!’ A motivating reminder that our best work in life occurs when we are committed and determined to accomplish something.  In the case of latte art, we can literally pour a heart into a latte, tea latte or hot chocolate.  However, the point remains, that as a barista pouring latte art proves that... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar - How to Make Colored Whipped Cream with Your iSi Quart Cream Profi

2016-02-03 // By Matthew Moseley
Valentine’s Day is all about letting those special people in our lives know that we are thinking about them!  Whether it’s a box of candies or a simple card expressing our gratitude for their positive impact on our life,Valentine’s Day encourages us to go the extra mile to say, “You’re special, and you mean so... Read More ⇒

Mountain Cider Company - The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

2015-11-17 // By Matthew Moseley
Cider…It doesn’t have to be hard! Mountain Cider Company started over 25 years ago in Vermont on a family owned apple farm that doubled as a Christmas tree farm for the Holidays. During that time of year, the winter can be harsh, especially in the New England area, which made hunting for that perfect tree a bit miserable.  In... Read More ⇒

#MightyLeafMonday: Free Mighty Leaf Tea? I Might As Well…..

2015-11-17 // By Matthew Moseley
How does a FREE tea sampler from Mighty Leaf sound?  What if we told you, that all you have to do to receive it was snap a photo? If that sounds like a nice way to start your week, keep reading to find out how you can enter for a chance to win. It’s true, Mighty Leaf wants to see how you enjoy your favorite teas.  So, from now... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar - Here's How to Stop Losing Your Toddy Stoppers for Good!

2015-10-06 // By Matthew Moseley
It’s the little things in life that matter.  How true is this statement?  Sometimes even minute events or items can have drastic implications.  Consider how an assembly line with just one inoperable station will come screeching to a halt or how a car with a faulty ignition switch becomes immobile and obsolete.  It just... Read More ⇒

Don’t Put Your Toddy Away for Winter: 5 Reasons Your Toddy Should Be On Your Bar Year Around

2015-09-18 // By Matthew Moseley
As the days grow shorter, the impending change of the seasons is upon us and multi-chromatic tree tops begin emerging acting as our signal to pack away all of the summer supplies.  Which means time to box up and store your Toddy, right?  WRONG, although the Toddy is best known for making delicious and simple iced coffee beverages,... Read More ⇒

Munk Pack has Grab-n-Go in the Bag!

2015-09-04 // By Matthew Moseley
Want to Enjoy Oatmeal On-the-Go?  Munk Pack has got it in the bag….literally!  Munk Pack is reimagining a breakfast classic and shattering expectations of how to enjoy oatmeal!  Munk Pack has conveniently produced 3 flavors of whole grain and superfood oatmeal pouches.  That’s right, oatmeal out of a pouch; you... Read More ⇒

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for NEW Kidz Kreamz!

2015-08-25 // By Matthew Moseley
Big Train’s NEW Kidz Kreamz flavors are a Parent’s Dream Let’s be honest kids can be hard to appease when it comes to food. In addition, there’s always that internal dialogue about whether keeping them happy or feeding them something healthy is more important.  Parents you deal with quite the conundrum; so, when you... Read More ⇒

Caffeine Crawl Colorado - Coffee, Camaraderie, and Competition

2015-07-16 // By Matthew Moseley
*Throwdown details updated 7/31/2015. Do you love quality coffee, tea, or chocolate?  Would you like to spend a day visiting multiple cafés or coffee shops to enjoy samples and learn more about their products?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to come crawl with us!  Caffeine Crawl is making... Read More ⇒

New Third Street Chai RTD Iced Teas -- Fair Trade, Organic, On-the-Go

2015-07-14 // By Matthew Moseley
Since 1995, Third Street Chai has been on the forefront of the sustainable, all-natural beverage movement that has been so pervasive in Colorado. It all began with their passion for chai tea and the way they emphatically shared this (at the time) unknown, exotic beverage with the marketplace.  Today, their enthusiasm is equally... Read More ⇒

Ghirardelli Presents: All-NEW Premium Vanilla Powder Base

2015-07-10 // By Matthew Moseley
For over 160 years, Ghirardelli has been a purveyor and pioneer in the premium chocolate industry dedicated to the strictest standards to ensure their manufacturing process results in premium, rich products.  These standards are upheld through scrutinous oversight of the chocolate making process and has made their name synonymous... Read More ⇒

Smith Tea - The Most Uncommon Name in Tea Since 1949

2015-06-19 // By Matthew Moseley
How do you improve upon what many others have done before you?  Attention to detail.  Attention to detail is about leaving nothing to chance, considering every aspect to ensure an optimal outcome, and so meticulous in your analysis that even the slightest nuances are noted. This takes time, discipline, and patience; however, the... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest Chicago 2015 - Winners and Wrap Up

2015-06-16 // By Matthew Moseley
A week and a half ago as we were rolling out of bed, the fog was rolling into downtown Chicago engulfing its iconic skyline.  This gloomy weather was in stark contrast to all the bright and shining faces eager to participate in workshops, compete for their title in the Central Region of Coffee Fest, and see the latest and greatest products for... Read More ⇒

DaVinci Invigorators: Invigorate Lifeless Water with this Green Coffee Concentrate

2015-05-28 // By Matthew Moseley
Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that mean the most, and DaVinci Invigorators are a simple way to make the most out of a glass of water. Water, it’s something we can’t live without yet we are constantly looking for ways to make it something more than simply a clear, nearly tasteless beverage! DaVinci Invigorators are a... Read More ⇒

NEW Torani Soda Syrups, Classics Reimagined: Spicy Kola Nut & Ginger Lemongrass

2015-05-26 // By Matthew Moseley
Sodas are so hot right now!  Seriously, as the summer heat blazes down, there’s something so exhilarating about sipping on a sweet, carbonated soda.  Recently, we’ve become more reserved about picking up traditional sodas because we are more aware about the detrimental effects of high-fructose corn syrup and other common... Read More ⇒

For a Limited Time Try This Natural Process Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Gelana Abaya

2015-05-25 // By Matthew Moseley
Ethiopia is considered by many as the birthplace of coffee.  According to legend, Ethiopia was the home of Kaldi the famous goatherder credited with the discovery of the energy boosting property of coffee after his flock of goats began eating the cherries.  To this day, Ethiopia is one of the world’s finest coffee-producing... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest Chicago 2015 - It's Going Down in Chi-Town

2015-05-22 // By Matthew Moseley
Coffee Fest Chicago 2015 is officially two weeks from today!  Which means all of the competitors are finalized and you can start mapping out where to find your favorite brands on the show floor.  Also, if you haven’t reserved your spot on one of the Caffeine Crawl routes yet now is the time before they all fill up!  Caffeine... Read More ⇒

NEW Dr. Smoothie - 100% Crushed Tropical Sunshine and Beetroot & Berries

2015-05-19 // By Matthew Moseley
Dr. Smoothie has introduced two new options to their 100% Crushed smoothie line; escape to an island oasis with Tropical Sunshine or enjoy the garden fresh taste of Beetroot and Berries.  Similar to the rest of the 100% Crushed Smoothie line from Dr. Smoothie, these new additions are a flavorful treat that even your doctor would approve!... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar - Make the Most of Your Space, Leveraging Your Location

2015-05-05 // By Matthew Moseley
One morning as I’m making my way to work, I see a discouraging sight in the distance.  The railroad crossing gates begin flashing and realize I will inevitably be waiting for a train to pass.  At first this seems like the absolute worst thing that could be happening; then like an angel descending from the clouds to rescue me, I see... Read More ⇒

Move Aside #PSL, It's DaVinci Red Harvest Smoothie Season!

2015-05-04 // By Matthew Moseley
The new DaVinci Gourmet All-Natural smoothie mix is here to prove that pumpkin has a place in your cup or tumbler all year long!  Pumpkin spice lattés are all the rave and pumpkin spice iced lattés can be just dandy, but the All-Natural Red Harvest Smoothie offers a rich flavor, ease of operation and health... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest Chicago 2015 - You’ll Be Blown Away by the New Additions to This Show

2015-04-20 // By Matthew Moseley
Coffee Fest Chicago 2015: June 5-7, at Navy Pier Oh how time flies, we’ve blown through the first quarter of the year, and do you know what that means?  You guessed it, the second Coffee Fest Show of this year is almost upon us.  That’s right, Coffee Fest Chicago is just 7 weeks away which means it’s time to start... Read More ⇒

Are Customers Tasting Your Coffee the Way You Intended?

2015-04-17 // By Matthew Moseley
Do you ever wonder if your customers are experiencing the best cup of coffee your roasts can produce when brewing in their own home?   Although you can host training classes on proper brewing techniques, print recommend dosages on your coffee bags, and stress the importance of buying whole bean then grinding just before brewing,... Read More ⇒

Spring into a New Café: Tips for Grand Openings or Opening a New Location

2015-04-09 // By Matthew Moseley
Are you ready to ‘Spring’ into your New Café or Location? Definition of Springtime - an early or flourishing stage of development (Merriam-Webster) Spring is all about rebirth, as the warm weather arrives seedlings begin emerging out of the soil and the array of greens from emerald to chartreuse return to the trees.... Read More ⇒

Loose Leaf Tea Training Event: Are You Ready to Par-TEA?

2015-04-03 // By Matthew Moseley
Tea is one the most consumed beverages across the globe; falling just behind water.  Here in the US, tea has not seen as much focus and attention as it now captures; since arguably the Boston Tea Party.  Which means if you’re still not capitalizing on this growing trend, now’s your time! Tea can come in many forms and... Read More ⇒

Raise Your Shot Glasses We Turned 21! #CHEERSBPS

2015-03-23 // By Matthew Moseley
How much fun is a birthday party if the only person attending is you? Absolutely none!  No one wants to celebrate a birthday or any milestone by themselves, and here at Barista Pro Shop we are no different.  This January, marked our 21st year supplying the specialty coffee industry and we wanted to do something special to celebrate the... Read More ⇒

Milkadamia -- Macadamia Milk for Baristas

2015-03-18 // By Matthew Moseley
Milkadamia is here to tell traditional cow’s milk to “Moo-ve” over!  Milkadamia is the newest addition to our non-dairy, alternative milk line-up. Here at Barista Pro Shop, we have a love hate relationship with milk; without it, there’s no lattes, mochas, or cappuccinos, which is tragic.  However, whole milk... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest Atlanta -- Is Now Gone with the Winners...

2015-02-16 // By Matthew Moseley
Just over a week ago, Coffee Fest had Atlanta buzzing with café owners and baristas alike looking to show off their skills or find the next breakthrough product to implement on or behind their bar.  Coffee fanatics flew in from all over the US as well as some international competitors representing Japan in the latte art competition. The... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest Atlanta 2015 - Coffee, Conversations, and Competition

2015-02-03 // By Matthew Moseley
If you’re not already headed to Coffee Fest Atlanta, you better hop in your car, on a bus, or in the luggage compartment of the next plane headed to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.  Believe me, you will not want to miss the inaugural Coffee Fest tradeshow in Atlanta which kicks off this Friday, February 6th. Coffee Fest is essentially a... Read More ⇒

Forget the Holidays, We’re Giving Out Free Gifts all Year

2015-01-19 // By Matthew Moseley
Christmas may be over, but the gifts keep coming from Barista Pro Shop.  Did you know that with every order you place with us you can receive a free gift? That’s right, every order you place qualifies for at least one of our Extra Shots!  Place an order of just $50 and it will qualify for the maximum amount of 4 Extra... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest Atlanta - Don't Rest this Weekend Until You've Registered

2015-01-16 // By Matthew Moseley
As the holiday season fades into a distant memory and every passing moment seems as good of a time as any other to break your year’s resolutions, we realize that January is quickly passing us by.  The end of January not only means, 1 month down and 11 more to go; it also means, Coffee Fest Atlanta has arrived.  That’s right... Read More ⇒

What We Learned Today: Why more High Schools Should Be Doing this...

2015-01-14 // By Matthew Moseley
On a day-to-day basis, the training café at our Loveland location is typically a thoroughfare of BPS employees searching for a spot to lounge a lunch break away or brewing up something to keep them energized and working hard to get you the coffee supplies you need.  However, today our café served an even greater purpose.  We... Read More ⇒

Protein Puck - Food is Fuel, March On!

2014-12-29 // By Matthew Moseley
There’s snacks, and then, there’s fuel!   Sometimes a simple snack is not enough to satiate our hunger.  However, some of the best protein packed snacks won’t work for certain dietary needs; either, because they contain  processed, unnatural ingredients or an allergen, such as dairy or gluten.  This is no... Read More ⇒

Whether Your List is Big or Small; Barista Pro Shop Ships it All!

2014-12-22 // By Matthew Moseley
It may be the season of giving, but let’s be honest, we all like receiving even more. However, when you’re the one paying for shipping then left waiting to receive what you want, it’s not near as enjoyable. Although we can’t instantaneously deliver your order or ship all your products to you for free all the time; Barista... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest Atlanta - The Trade Show that is Peachy Keen!

2014-12-19 // By Matthew Moseley
“If it looks like coffee, smells like coffee, goes well with coffee or is coffee, you are guaranteed to find it at Coffee Fest.” Do you like coffee? Do you like trying new things?  Find all this and a cup of tea or two at Coffee Fest Atlanta!  This year the nation’s favorite specialty coffee and gourmet tea trade show... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar- Custom Printing and Branding: Unlock the Promotion Potential of your Cups

2014-12-16 // By Matthew Moseley
As a cafe owner what’s the product you use the most during the day?   The first thing that comes to mind might be coffee; or maybe, after some more thought you decide it’s milk.  However, what if I told you that you’re overlooking one of the most common products used in your shop?  Do you know what it is? If you... Read More ⇒

Honey Bunchies- The Gourmet Candy Bar that's as Good for You as it Tastes!

2014-11-28 // By Matthew Moseley
  When you hear the phrase ‘gourmet candy bar’, do you think of a scrumptious treat that packs an energy boost?  Probably not, but a Colorado company, Honey Bunchies, is here to change that once and for all! Without further ado, let me introduce you to Honey Bunchies, an all-natural, gluten-free, and hand-made gourmet... Read More ⇒

BPS® the One-Stop Shop: The Food, The Bean, and the Utility

2014-11-07 // By Matthew Moseley
Do you ever wish you could spend less time ordering and receiving shipments?   I’m going to assume everyone answered with a resounding ‘Yes!’  Placing orders is one of those necessary evils that no one enjoys doing, but if it’s not done properly and timely it can be devastating to your business, costing you sales... Read More ⇒

Don't Get Scared by Shipping Costs: Tricks to Save on Shipping

2014-10-31 // By Matthew Moseley
What’s worst than ghastly ghouls and spooky spiders?  Dreadful shipping costs; that unwanted trick at the end of ordering your treats.  There’s not a soul, dead or alive, who enjoys shipping charges.  So how can you avoid getting caught in a web of shipping charges? Do you live near one of our warehouses?  Did you... Read More ⇒

Steamers-A Simple Way to Enjoy Seasonal Sauces

2014-10-29 // By Matthew Moseley
Some of the best flavors in life come from a simple combination of just 2 things; just consider, mac n’ cheese or peanut butter and jelly, even, bacon and eggs.  Did you know you can create a flavorful beverage with just milk and sauce?  Well it’s true, steamers are a great way to create a quick, simple beverage that’s... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest PDX - A Coffee Show for a Coffee City

2014-10-23 // By Matthew Moseley
A week ago today Portland, Oregon was completely overrun and further immersed in the specialty coffee scene. The festivities began Thursday with the first of two days for the Portland edition of Caffeine Crawl which was sure to excite with numerous notable roasters, coffee shops, tea purveyors, and even a chocolaterie or two!  Friday, would... Read More ⇒

Yerba Maté: The Teas They are a-Changing

2014-09-19 // By Matthew Moseley
Americans have long held a love, hate relationship with tea.  In our formative years, it went from being one of the largest imported goods to being completely boycotted.  Since then, tea has slowly begun to become more popular and prevalently consumed amongst Americans.  Part of the reason that tea has entered back into the... Read More ⇒

Will We be Seeing You in 2 Weeks for Meet the Producers?

2014-09-18 // By Matthew Moseley
Can you hear that hustling and bustling?  No not all the leaves changing and blowing about; and, no not that huge crowd eagerly lining up to order their morning jolt from your shop.  That’s the sound of the BPS® crew hastily preparing to host Meet the Producers 2014, from re-organizing our café to receiving a plethora of... Read More ⇒

Sweeten the Seasons with Sauces

2014-09-12 // By Matthew Moseley
Flavors are not all created equally.  This is because more than just flavor affects how we experience taste.  What if I told you that sight and the sensation of touch can have a strong influence on how we taste flavors.  Well it’s the truth!  Whether it’s the color or the texture; how something is presented plays a... Read More ⇒

Mark your Calendars, Make the Trek to Loveland, and Meet these Producers

2014-09-05 // By Matthew Moseley
Still haven’t RSVP’d for Meet the Producers?  After you see who is exhibiting and all the products they’ll be showcasing, you’re sure to rethink that choice.  With over 35 brands either attending or exhibiting products, you’re sure to find something new and exciting! Meet the Producers is not only a fun way... Read More ⇒

Earth Wind and Fire : Experience the Third Street Process of Brewing Chai

2014-08-29 // By Matthew Moseley
Earth, Wind, and Fire.   No, not the pop music group from the ‘70s; and, no we are not even talking about three of the four Aristotelian elements of life.  In this case, these three elements are referring to three of the key attributes of the Third Street process for manufacturing chai. Chai is fairly commonplace these days,... Read More ⇒

Chai- Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice

2014-08-15 // By Matthew Moseley
Chai, something so simple, yet so transcendent.  When you mix the light, refreshing beverage of black tea with the aromatic, invigorating attributes of fresh spices likes cloves, cardamon, and cinnamon; the result becomes a complex, bold drink that satiates your thirst and desire to be invigorated.  These added spices not only produce an... Read More ⇒

It's a Wrap! Barista Nation Denver That Is

2014-08-06 // By Matthew Moseley
Almost two weeks ago now, the Colorado specialty coffee community joined together for Barista Nation in a very unique space in Denver known as Galvanize.  Galvanize, meaning to “shock or excite (someone), typically into taking action” was a perfect indicator of what to expect.The focus of this event was “The... Read More ⇒

Barista Nation Denver-Proclaim Your Independence from Start-Up Uncertainty

2014-07-07 // By Matthew Moseley
“Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines” The one phrase that exhilarates a crowd like no other, yet is so simple.  It marks the beginning, a fresh start and the promise of exciting things to come.  So, why is starting up a business so much more nerve-racking and less enjoyable?  Uncertainty, there are numerous... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar-Keep that Coffee in Your Cup: 4 Easy Ways to Avoid Spilling

2014-07-01 // By Matthew Moseley
It happens every morning, you fill up your mug and you begin the treacherous journey to sit down and enjoy it.  Then tragedy strikes, the continuous waves of deliciousness jump over the rim of your mug and crash in various shades of brown and tan upon your floor.  Your coffee has spilled and you’re left thinking, “why does... Read More ⇒

BPS® Training Materials- Your Access to the Pros, After Hours

2014-06-05 // By Matthew Moseley
When you think of Barista Pro Shop, you might think of an extensive line of syrup flavors or maybe you think of our personable and knowledgeable customer service staff; but, do think of a resource library? It’s true baristaproshop.com has a whole lot more to offer than just one of largest selections of specialty coffee supplies for your home... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar-Sight Sells

2014-05-27 // By Matthew Moseley
“It was love at first sight.”  Something that many, if not all, of us aspire to experience during our lifetimes.  However, it also says something about our human psyche.  We are quick to make judgements and form opinions based on our very first glimpse of something or someone new.  Think about how much effort and... Read More ⇒

Set Your Fruit Smoothies Apart from the Rest with Jet Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothies

2014-05-23 // By Matthew Moseley
If you’re anything like me, when it’s time to relax after some fun in the sun nothing quite hits the spot like a frozen, fruity beverage.  Yep, I’m talking about fruit smoothies not only are they sweet and delicious; but, they have fruit which makes the justification to indulge in one all the more easy to come by.  These... Read More ⇒

Frappe Fun for Everyone!

2014-05-02 // By Matthew Moseley
Do you frappe?  Frappes are delicious frozen, blended coffee drinks.  These drinks are pretty much the smoothie of coffee drinks!  They are delicious options that are perfectly suited for warm weather.  When you feel the sun scorching down on you, a steaming cup of joe is the last thing you desire.  However, that caffeine... Read More ⇒

You Won’t Get Jittery by Adding Our Extra Shots

2014-04-25 // By Matthew Moseley
More is better! How many times have you heard this phrase?   Though we do often want more than what we have; there comes a time when more is not actually better.  At some point, we tend to realize reduced enjoyment, as well as, start to incur a unfortunate side-effects.  Think about a time that eating that extra piece of cake gave... Read More ⇒

Hunting Is Meant For Easter Eggs; Everything Else Should Be EZ

2014-04-23 // By Matthew Moseley
Let’s face it, Easter egg hunts are awesome! They are all about the thrill of rummaging around to fill up your basket as fast as possible.  However, the holiday is over, we are back to our hectic schedules and we no longer like searching for the things we want.  It’s not fun knowing exactly what you want, but having to drudge... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar- This is How You Find-a-Mug

2014-04-08 // By Matthew Moseley
Do you ever find yourself wanting to try out a new coffee shop or cafe?  Do you find yourself traveling for work or a vacation and uncertain about where to get your caffeine fix?  Worst of all have you ever settled for Starbucks simply because it’s the fourth one you have seen on this block?   Don’t worry we forgive you.... Read More ⇒

Don’t Let Your Tank Run on Empty: Fuel Up and Feel Good

2014-03-28 // By Matthew Moseley
You wouldn’t try to drive to work on an empty tank of gas and you would never expect a delivery driver’s boss to say “your tank is almost empty but it may last the rest of the day.”  We wouldn’t expect good results from a car running on no fuel, so why do we do it to our bodies? It’s all too often in our... Read More ⇒

Trading In Trade-offs for the Best of Both Worlds!

2014-03-07 // By Matthew Moseley
 Whether it’s in a basic economics course or every day life, you’re told that life is full of   tradeoffs.  You can have it now and skimp on quality or you can be patient and get something stellar.  You can either eat healthy or eat cheap and convenient.  You can help others or you can do things solely for... Read More ⇒

Why Not Add an Extra Shot to That?

2014-02-26 // By Matthew Moseley
Don’t you wish you could get more than you pay for?  Well of course, everyone loves free stuff! However, how many times do you feel like you’re getting it free because no one really wants it?   What if you could guarantee it is was high quality, you would take advantage of it every time, right? Liven Up Your Order Well... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar-Two Words That are Well Worth the 10 Cents They Cost Us

2014-02-18 // By Matthew Moseley
Could you imagine starting a business in which you’re losing money on every sale?  No, probably not.  It just doesn’t make sense to work all day to produce something that actually costs you money instead of making money. Right? Well, this is the predicament of many coffee farmers worldwide.  Between the falling price for... Read More ⇒

Do You Know Where to Find What You Want and What You Need to Know?

2014-02-14 // By Matthew Moseley
Barista Pro Shop is passionate about our industry.  The specialty coffee industry is so dynamic that the production of every cup spans not only various professional disciplines but also many different continents.  This diversity is what incites the enthusiasm behind a commodity that has transformed into a full on obsession.   Since,... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar-Do You Know the Secret to Unleashing Every Bean’s Full Potential?

2014-02-11 // By Matthew Moseley
Would you expect a master chef to prepare dish in a microwave? Or a famous musician to perform a song on Rock Band instruments? No, probably not because no matter how talented the individual; they are limited by the capabilities of their equipment.  This holds true when it comes to coffee as well.  A barista or an at-home enthusiast... Read More ⇒

Share Your Story: The Big Bean in Severna Park, MD

2014-01-31 // By Matthew Moseley
Meet The Big Bean “The Big Bean is a cozy, friendly store where people can take a break from their busy day to pick up a delicious cup of brewed coffee or espresso drink.” The Big Bean is an independent coffee shop in Severna Park, Maryland.  They opened shop January 1, 2000 and it was such an important grand opening Juan... Read More ⇒

Traveling the World with Two Leaves Tea Company

2014-01-17 // By Matthew Moseley
  Explore a World of Tantalizing Flavor  As the sun breaks the crest of the Himalaya mountains and illuminates a lush forest of sal and oak in Darjeeling, torid rapids rush through the banks of the Brahmaputra river in Assam, while in Sri Lanka water plummets 863 ft creating an explosion of splashing water at the base of the... Read More ⇒

DaVinci Delivers a Delicious, Dynamic Duo That You Can Eat

2014-01-15 // By Matthew Moseley
Not the Artist, and Not just Another Flavor  When you hear Da Vinci, it likely brings one of two things to mind either: The Renaissance Man’s artistic masterpieces or delicious arrays of sauces and syrups.  Since you’re on a specialty coffee website, you’re probably aware that I’m not here to discuss whether... Read More ⇒

DaVinci Gourmet Can Be Your Solution For Just About Any New Year’s Resolution

2014-01-03 // By Matthew Moseley
The start of a new year is an exciting time because it allows people to evaluate where they have been and resolve to create good habits.  This phenomenon of making resolutions for your new year can be a great thing but without an action plan you may just be setting yourself up for failure.  Achieving something is much more viable when you... Read More ⇒

Is Your Holiday Spirit Worth $50?

2013-12-11 // By Matthew Moseley
The holiday season is in full-swing and BPS couldn’t be more excited.  Nothing gets that holiday spirit invigorated like some festive decorations.   // // Post by Barista Pro Shop. Photo submissions should be fun and show your holiday spirit within your shop, home, or office.  As long as you tag us... Read More ⇒

Coffee Shops Have Always Supplied More Than Just a Drink

2013-12-04 // By Matthew Moseley
Since the origin of coffee houses, shops, and cafes; they have been supplying more than just coffee.  “A Penny for your thoughts”  a common phrase that most of us are familiar with actually spawned from the original culture of coffee shops.  Many of these shops charged merely a penny for an unlimited coffee supply.... Read More ⇒
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