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BPS Coffee Tasting Notes

We did a BPS Coffee tasting with one of our customers on Monday, and thought we’d share our notes:   Savvy Blend – This fair trade organic blend is smooth and buttery.  The acidity is low and it displayed a heavy body.  The finish was long with some interesting woody notes.  Woody and earthy notes were also... Read More ⇒

MRBC in Pictures

We can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to all of the fine folks who made last weekend’s Mountain Regional Barista Competition a success.  We had a great time, met some awesome people, tasted spectacular coffee, and watched some amazing baristas give it their all!  Thank you once again for supporting the barista craft and... Read More ⇒

Equipment For Sale in Loveland, CO

Sadly, our friends at North End Espresso have closed their coffee shop in Loveland.  They have given us a list of their equipment for sale.  Check it out here (note: we have been informed that the Mazzer grinder and the Bunn single pour-over brewer have already been sold.)... Read More ⇒

MRBC Winner – Greg Lefcourt

Last year’s MRBC champ, Greg Lefcourt, wasn’t quite ready to relinquish his title as he impressed judges with a polished performance and top notch espresso!  Greg, of Ozo Coffee Co. in Boulder, served judges espressos, cappuccinos, and his signature beverage the “Stargazer”.  The Stargazer showed off Greg's... Read More ⇒

And the finalists are…….

After two days of shot pulling, capp pouring, sig. bev. construction, and a fine showing by all of the MRBC competitors we have our 6 finalists!    Finalist #1 Greg Lefcourt, Ozo Coffee (CO) Finalist #2 11:12 AM - John Piquet, Caffe d'Bolla (UT)Finalist #3 11:39 AM - Ian Marquez, Off the Leaf Coffee Bar (MT)Finalist #4 12:06 PM -... Read More ⇒

Watch the MRBC Streaming Live!

Couldn’t make it to Loveland to watch the MRBC in person?  No worries!  Check it out streaming.  Competition starts at 12 MST today!... Read More ⇒

MRBC is Underway!

Today was Mountain Regional Barista Competition judge certification day.  Judges started the day taking a written test about the USBC Rules and Regulations.  They then focused their attention on taste, as they evaluated French press coffee.  The second half of the day was calibration.  Heidi from The Coffee Tree (Loveland) and... Read More ⇒

Countdown to the MRBC – Local Thanks

Some great local businesses have stepped up to host parties, donate food and drink, provide private tours, and donate door prizes.  We’d like to extend our gratitude – THANK YOU!!   We encourage you to visit their websites and shops and support these awesome folks!       ... Read More ⇒

Countdown to the MRBC -- Thanks where thanks are due!

Snow has been falling in Loveland on and off all day today, but we’re happy to report that the weather for this weekend’s competition is looking grand (mid 40’s and mostly sunny)!  The Mountain Regional Barista Competition is only a few days away, and as we signed for the delivery of the Mahlkoenig grinders today, the reality... Read More ⇒

Recipe Da Vinci™s Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Latté

Enjoy something sweet this Valentine’s Day!   1/2 oz Da Vinci Gourmet Black Cherry Syrup 3 tbsp Da Vinci Gourmet Powdered Chocolate Sauce 2 shots Espresso 11 oz Steamed Milk Da Vinci Gourmet Chocolate Sauce for garnish   Place syrup and powder in 16 oz cup or mug.  Stir in espresso.  Add steamed milk.  Top... Read More ⇒

MRBC Update - 30 Competitors!

With one week to go until the Mountain Regional Barista Competition kicks off, we’re excited to report that there are 30 confirmed baristas competing for the top spot so far!  All 5 states in the region (CO, MT, ID, UT, WY) are represented and local support has been awesome.  We could still use a few volunteers, so if you have some... Read More ⇒

Did you know? BPS Facts

BPS turned 16 the first week of 2010!      In 1994, Jay Weller opened J Street Biscuit Company with a fistful of scone recipes.  Jay was baker, sales person, delivery driver, customer service, etc. until 1998 when partner Jennifer Weller joined in full time.  Jay and Jennifer were using Ghirardelli chocolate in their... Read More ⇒
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