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The 2010 NERBC Champion is……

Danielle Glasky of Stumptown Coffee Roasters (NY) took home the title of top barista in the Northeast Regional Barista Competition finals held Sunday.  Danielle used a single origin Sumatran (Indonesia Gajah Aceh) stating that it’s a coffee that many people start off drinking but then falls to the wayside as coffee drinkers’... Read More ⇒

NERBC kicks off along with the Cup Tasters Competition

Northeast Regional Barista Competition judges and competitors arrive at The Arts at the Armory events center in Somerville, MA today.  Judges have to pass a day long certification class which involves a test over the USBC rules and regulations and a few hours of tasting and evaluating espressos/capps/mock performances.  Competitors get... Read More ⇒

North East Regional Barista Competition is next week!

Baristas from NY, CT, RI, MA, ME, VT, and NH will be showing off their skills at the NERBC next week.  The competition is being held at The Center for the Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA and is set to kick off at 12pm on Fri 3/19.  Barista Pro Shop is a proud regional sponsor and a few members of our crew will be judging and... Read More ⇒

Coffee Break

“According to coffee folklore, an Ethiopian goatheard named Kaldi discovered the joys of coffee when his goats ate the berries and became so frisky that they ‘danced’.  Kaldi soon joined them.”  Read more about coffee folklore and fact in Uncommon Grounds, The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World by... Read More ⇒

Did You Know – BPS Quick Fact

The BPS bakery cracked through a whopping 2,100eggs on Monday (3/1)!!!... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest Meadowlands this Weekend – Meet BPS Peeps!

Coffee Fest Meadowlands is the place to be this weekend! If you’re attending, make sure to check out these must see events:  Mid Atlantic Regional Barista Competition, the Millrock Free Pour Latté Art Contest, the Pacific Natural Foods Soy Top Cup Challenge, and the Aroma Challenge.  Find out more about all Coffee Fest... Read More ⇒
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