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Holiday Schedule

It’s hard to believe that 2010 is dwindling down to its final days as Christmas and New Year’s Day fast approach.  We hope that all of you are having a wonderful winter season!   This week’s schedule: BPS offices, warehouses, and bakery will be closed Fri 12/24 and will reopen on Mon 12/27.    Next... Read More ⇒

Whip up some holiday fun with iSi

Who doesn’t like whipped cream…especially if it’s homemade?  Though whipped cream is often an afterthought to drink preparation (‘just spray on some pre-made canned topping’ right?), it’s important to remember that whipped cream is what your holiday guests will see and taste first.  Why not make... Read More ⇒

Holiday Party? Spiked Recipes.

      Add a little zip and zing to your holiday parties with these ‘spiked’ recipes.  Cheers!      ‘Gingerbird’ Martini  1/2 oz Sweetbird Gingerbread Syrup 1 ½ oz Vodka 1/2 oz White Chocolate Liqueur Ice Fill a shaker with ice.  Add all ingredients and shake... Read More ⇒

Let the Season Inspire – Holiday Recipe Ideas

There are so many great holiday inspired recipes out there.  Popular flavors used during the holidays include:  Peppermint, Gingerbread, Maple Spice, Spiced Brown Sugar, Frosted Mint, White Chocolate, Chocolate, Crème de Menthe, Cinnamon, Praline, Egg Nog, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, and Pumpkin Pie/Spice.  Here are a few ideas to... Read More ⇒

Welcome Two Leaves and a Bud!

Go there.  This is the simple message from Two Leaves and a Bud; our newest tea line.  Two Leaves and Bud does go there: they visit tea gardens around the world, they taste tea in its purest native form, they interact with farmers, and their mission is “to bring the experience of the gardens back to our customers…to ‘go... Read More ⇒

Baby, It’s Cold Out There!

    As temperatures dip into ‘chilly’; we thought we’d post a reminder about shipping in cold weather.  Not only can shipments be delayed by bad weather and tough travel conditions, but those bottles of sugar free syrup don’t fare so well in freezing temperatures.  Sugar free syrups can freeze and... Read More ⇒

2011 Regional Barista Competition Update

It’s hard to believe that the 2011 Barista Competition season kicks off in just a few weeks!  The North West Regional Barista Competition (NWRBC) will be held in Tacoma, WA on Jan 27-30.  The NWRBC will showcase baristas from WA, OR, AK, ID, MT, and WY.  We wish our WY friends (formerly Mountain Region competitors) best of... Read More ⇒
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