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MANE Artisan Coffee Conference

2011-07-29 // By Kari Guddeck
I’m psyched.  That probably deserved an exclamation point!  The Mid Atlantic North East (MANE) Artisan Coffee Conference, hosted by New Harvest Coffee Roasters, will be held Fri, Oct 7 – Sun, Oct 9.  If you saw me in the weeks following last year’s MANE event, you no doubt heard me talking about it.  I should... Read More ⇒

Orange You Happy?

2011-07-27 // By Tia Peck
“Complacencies of the peignoir, and late, Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair,” wrote Wallace Stevens. Every time I read this quote it reminds me of summers when I was young, sitting on the front porch with my grandfather drinking  chocolate milk with a slice of orange and watching the day pass by.  Today I still sit on the... Read More ⇒

First Latte Art Class

2011-07-20 // By Tia Peck
Our First Latte Art Class was a complete success!! In the beginning I think we were all a little nervous but after a few jokes and a lot of spilt milk the night really took off.  With a small group of about seven (the staff of a local coffee shop) it made it easy for everyone to participate in every aspect of the lesson and really get... Read More ⇒

Wednesday Inspired Recipes

    We were feeling a bit inspired while coming up with today’s featured recipes.  We decided to include floral flavors and experimented with texture and temperatures.  The Jasmine Cloud Iced Latté is the result.  It has multiple layers of flavor, texture, and temperature.  With the first sip... Read More ⇒

Tasting Notes: Umpqua Oats

As you know, we were excited to announce the arrival of our newest product Umpqua Oats.  We think they’re a great healthy food option for cafés (not to mention they only require hot water to prepare – easy peasy!).  So, we grabbed a few samples and had an impromptu BPS oatmeal sampling this morning.  Yum!   ... Read More ⇒
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