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Exotic Mochas

2011-09-30 // By Tia Peck
  Mexican Cocoa was once a ceremonial drink the Aztecs of Mexico first served to Spaniards in 1519, they called it Xocolatl.  Chocolate laced with fragrant spices such as cocoa liquor, real vanilla, almond, and cinnamon. Today this mixture of flavors can be used to create a unique mocha, make delicious hot cocoas, or blend it up to... Read More ⇒

Happy National Coffee Day Give Away!

2011-09-29 // By Kari Guddeck
  All hail the mighty little bean on National Coffee Day!  We know you feel it too….that love, and perhaps slight addiction, for one of the world’s most complex beverages (to call it a mere beverage seems almost sacrilege!).   To honor the day, we’re giving away a coffee inspired gift pack on our facebook... Read More ⇒

Who's going to Coffee Fest?

2011-09-14 // By Tia Peck
  It is time for the 20th Annual Coffee Fest Seattle 2011! This event gives passionate coffee and tea professionals the opportunity to learn new skills, check out new products, and network with others in the industry. Coffee Fest Seattle 2011 with be held at the Washington State Convention Center on September 23 - 25, 2011. Coffee Fest has... Read More ⇒


2011-09-07 // By Tia Peck
The fall chill is in the air and nothing warms you up like a Pumpkin Pie Chai!! In a 16oz Cup put 1oz. Monin Natural Pumpkin Spice syrup 2oz. Third Street Chai Authentic Liquid Concentrate Pour in 13oz of steamed milk and stir well. Top with Monin spiced brown sugar whipped cream and enjoy!!       For more, great tasting... Read More ⇒

It’s Pumpkin Mania!!

2011-09-06 // By Tia Peck
 Yup, it’s that time again.  Labor Day is over and fall is in the air...it is the perfect time for pumpkins.  So jump into the season with these fall favorites:    Da Vinci kick started the season with high demand of their always popular: ·         Da Vinci Pumpkin Pie... Read More ⇒
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