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Fit Frappe, Energize Your Day!

2013-03-29 // By Liam Bucher
It’s not often you find a protein drink mix loaded with the flavor of coffee, enter Big Train Fit Frappe. It’s a perfect, tasty blend of protein and coffee ready for the blender. I find it to be a great supplement to drink before or after a workout and with Spring coming into full effect, it’s the perfect time to start, or... Read More ⇒

Barista Pro Shop, One Stop Shopping!

2013-03-27 // By Dottie Foley
Barista Pro Shop is a one stop shop for all things Specialty Coffee. We offer products to businesses, but also to individuals for home use. Besides our fast 1 to 3 day shipping time we also deliver to our local business customers from our warehouses in Loveland, Colorado and Londonderry, New Hampshire.   We pride ourselves on quality and... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar-Introduction to Signature Drinks

2013-03-22 // By Tia Peck
Tip: Signature drinks can help boost profits A signature drink is a beverage unique to your shop, unlike a specialty drink that can be recreated by others. Pros for having signature drinks on your menu: A signature drink can create customer loyalty A signature drink can set your shop apart from others. A signature drink can help sale flavors... Read More ⇒

Have You Tried Torani Signature Syrups?

2013-03-19 // By Liam Bucher
If the answer to the title of this blog is no, then you are missing out, BIG TIME! Here at Barista Pro Shop, the Signature Syrups have been finding their way into just about any drink suitable. Torani’s Signature Syrups are delicious and when mixed into any of your favorite drinks, it’s a match made in heaven. This past week, in the... Read More ⇒

Coffee Fest NYC - Wrap Up!

2013-03-14 // By Kari Guddeck
Amidst weather reports of snow, wind, rain, and cold we landed in NYC ready to be warmed by another Coffee Fest New York City show.  Thursday night’s weather didn’t disappoint.  A blustery wind blew wet snow around us as we walked around Times Square, but it actually lent a surprisingly cozy and beautiful ambiance to the... Read More ⇒

New Function on Brand Pages

2013-03-08 // By Liam Bucher
Barista Pro Shop has seen a lot of growth over the past few years. With the addition of new brands to our product line, there are even more products being added and it may be a difficult decision to choose exactly which product to put into your shopping cart. Perhaps you would like to gain some information on products, or learn how to use others.... Read More ⇒

Warm Weather, Meet Cold Cups!

2013-03-07 // By Liam Bucher
As we approach the oh so missed season of spring, it’s time for coffee drinkers to start lowering the temperatures of their beverages. Yep! Iced and blended beverages are soon to be trending once more as the days start to get warmer and warmer. If official spring time is too far out, then just mix it up and order some cold drinks anyways.With... Read More ⇒

St. Patrick's Day Steps Closer and Closer

2013-03-04 // By Liam Bucher
March, a month which brings many things such as; mustaches, daylight savings time, Spring, March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day. There is a lot to celebrate and many different ways to go about it. Hosting a party, going out on the town, or following the rainbow to capture the Leprechaun and his pot of gold, it’s really up to you. Barista... Read More ⇒
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