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New Ghirardelli Frappe

2013-07-31 // By Jillian Peck
When I think Ghirardelli, I think of decadent, premium, quality chocolate: The ideal sauces, rich and creamy. Chocolate is a very universal and desirable product. With years of providing coffee houses with top of the line chocolates, Ghirardelli branches out to offer something new.   Touching a large portion of the coffee house clientele,... Read More ⇒


2013-07-26 // By Jillian Peck
Come with your blenders and ice! The fond ideas of summer only get better with Jet Smoothies. Maybe your life is too hectic to go to the pool or the lake, but who says you can’t enjoy summer. You don’t need to put aside hours of free time or mark up your schedule in order to take this delicious route. In about 5 minutes you can cool off... Read More ⇒

Summer of Fun with DaVinci Fruit Innovations Lemonade!

2013-07-12 // By Jillian Peck
I have a love/hate relationship with hot summers: I love the feeling of being under a tree, shaded from the blazing sun; I love the reward of cool cloudy days when the temperature is normally 150 degrees; there is nothing like being able to walk around barefoot in shorts, or drying off in the warm air after swimming in cool water; above all, when... Read More ⇒

Ghirardelli New Frappé Flavors!

2013-07-05 // By Liam Bucher
Ghirardelli, a name familiar in every household, mostly due to their gourmet chocolate. Yes, they are delicious, but they are not the only products Ghirardelli has been pumping out. We would like to invite you to try three new, premium frappé flavors. Introducing: Mocha: The perfect balance of rich chocolate flavor combined with Colombian... Read More ⇒
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