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Umpqua Oats

2013-11-25 // By Jillian Peck
What kind of person do you become when you are hungry? It seems hunger always turns us into a person we wouldn’t want to be around, but some times that fact is still not quite enough to make breakfast a priority. Maybe you don’t have the time every morning to make a good breakfast, but no one says a good breakfast has to be a time... Read More ⇒

Tis the Season to get Torani

2013-11-15 // By Jillian Peck
You can run but you can’t hide. Not from your cravings and this one is indefensible. Torani Sauces are coming at you from all directions and with all flavors! Put up your cups and get ready. Flavors like these aren’t easy to pass by and too easy to pass around, making them a great asset for the season! Torani Sauce goes great with just... Read More ⇒

Paisley Brand Tea

2013-11-08 // By Jillian Peck
Two Leaves Tea Company® carries some of our most delicious teas. Packaged in pyramid sachets that can hold their own in comparison to loose leaf, these teas have an honest and well balanced taste and can last through more than one cup. Though, there are those who prefer to dive into a dark rich brew; in which case, might steer away from... Read More ⇒

Barista Pro Shop Thanksgiving Schedule

2013-11-07 // By Liam Bucher
Dear Customers, Deliveries will be made as usual on Tuesday, November 26th, and Wednesday, November 27th.Barista Pro Shop will be closed on Wednesday, November 27th, thru Sunday, December 1st, during the week of Thanksgiving, but we will be back, bright and early, at our normal opening time on Monday, December 2nd. Please contact us before those... Read More ⇒

DaVinci Love

2013-11-01 // By Jillian Peck
                                    Getting caught up in the motions of daily life can really make it hard to be creative. The holidays are a great time of year. We get to show our loved ones just how much we love and care for them. It’s like a big... Read More ⇒
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