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Warm Your Bones by the Cup with DaVinci Sauce

2013-12-13 // By Jillian Peck
When the sun is lazy and the sky hazy, The wind is cold and the flakes are bold, When your clothes are thicker than your body alone. The car won’t start without a protestant groan. You can escape it all with a cup in hand, DaVinci is the trick to making all things grand. Taking a dose of optimism is done in the form of something... Read More ⇒

Is Your Holiday Spirit Worth $50?

2013-12-11 // By Matthew Moseley
The holiday season is in full-swing and BPS couldn’t be more excited.  Nothing gets that holiday spirit invigorated like some festive decorations.   // // Post by Barista Pro Shop. Photo submissions should be fun and show your holiday spirit within your shop, home, or office.  As long as you tag us... Read More ⇒

Coffee Shops Have Always Supplied More Than Just a Drink

2013-12-04 // By Matthew Moseley
Since the origin of coffee houses, shops, and cafes; they have been supplying more than just coffee.  “A Penny for your thoughts”  a common phrase that most of us are familiar with actually spawned from the original culture of coffee shops.  Many of these shops charged merely a penny for an unlimited coffee supply.... Read More ⇒
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