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The Tip Jar-Sight Sells

2014-05-27 // By Matthew Moseley
“It was love at first sight.”  Something that many, if not all, of us aspire to experience during our lifetimes.  However, it also says something about our human psyche.  We are quick to make judgements and form opinions based on our very first glimpse of something or someone new.  Think about how much effort and... Read More ⇒

Set Your Fruit Smoothies Apart from the Rest with Jet Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothies

2014-05-23 // By Matthew Moseley
If you’re anything like me, when it’s time to relax after some fun in the sun nothing quite hits the spot like a frozen, fruity beverage.  Yep, I’m talking about fruit smoothies not only are they sweet and delicious; but, they have fruit which makes the justification to indulge in one all the more easy to come by.  These... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar - Brewing 101: Espresso Basics

2014-05-13 // By Landon Christensen
Portafilter? Grouphead? Tamper? Knock box? What on earth do these terms mean? If you’re like me when I first started, you may be feeling a little confused and possibly even overwhelmed at this point. If so, take a deep breath and relax, I'm here to give you confidence in your abilities as a barista by teaching you the basics and 101 on... Read More ⇒

Frappe Fun for Everyone!

2014-05-02 // By Matthew Moseley
Do you frappe?  Frappes are delicious frozen, blended coffee drinks.  These drinks are pretty much the smoothie of coffee drinks!  They are delicious options that are perfectly suited for warm weather.  When you feel the sun scorching down on you, a steaming cup of joe is the last thing you desire.  However, that caffeine... Read More ⇒
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