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Honey Bunchies- The Gourmet Candy Bar that's as Good for You as it Tastes!

2014-11-28 // By Matthew Moseley
  When you hear the phrase ‘gourmet candy bar’, do you think of a scrumptious treat that packs an energy boost?  Probably not, but a Colorado company, Honey Bunchies, is here to change that once and for all! Without further ado, let me introduce you to Honey Bunchies, an all-natural, gluten-free, and hand-made gourmet... Read More ⇒

Peppermint Recipes at the Ready!

2014-11-14 // By Liam Bucher
Pumpkin Season is soon to fade to the background and open the doors for your favorite winter-themed beverages. To start the season right, get your hands on Torani’s Peppermint Bark Sauce and start crafting unforgettable holiday themed recipes! Here are a few that will get you going in the right direction! CANDY CANE COCOA 1 oz. Torani... Read More ⇒

BPS® 2014 Holiday Closures

2014-11-14 // By Liam Bucher
To our wonderful customers, This is a notification of the Barista Pro Shop® holiday schedule, please review the dates in this blog and mark them on your calendars. Please contact us before those dates to confirm delivery and to ensure that you have enough supplies to get you through the Holidays. Thanksgiving: Customer Service Closed:... Read More ⇒

Coming Together for H2OPE

2014-11-13 // By Liam Bucher, Matthew Moseley, and Michelle DeBruyn
Did you know that more people die from lack of water and sanitation each year than are killed by all forms of violence, including war? Well it’s true: one in nine people on this earth lack access to clean, safe drinking water. This should be a startling fact; we typically take water’s role in our day-to-day activities for granted.... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar - Hot Drink Presentation

2014-11-11 // By Landon Christensen
It’s been said that we “eat with our eyes first” - I don’t know about you, but that saying brings an amusing visual to mind… However, I believe that statement is completely accurate. Have you ever been to a high-end restaurant where they bring your $35 steak on a paper plate with a red Solo cup and plastic cutlery? Of... Read More ⇒

BPS® the One-Stop Shop: The Food, The Bean, and the Utility

2014-11-07 // By Matthew Moseley
Do you ever wish you could spend less time ordering and receiving shipments?   I’m going to assume everyone answered with a resounding ‘Yes!’  Placing orders is one of those necessary evils that no one enjoys doing, but if it’s not done properly and timely it can be devastating to your business, costing you sales... Read More ⇒
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