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The Tip Jar - Frappé Bases: Liquid vs. Powder

2015-03-25 // By Landon Christensen
What better way to cool down during the hot months of the year than with a frappé? These versatile beverages can appeal to a wide demographic of your customers. Fun, coffee-free flavors that kids can enjoy can easily be made into an afternoon pick-me-up for adults simply by adding espresso or Toddy concentrate. There are many variables when... Read More ⇒

Raise Your Shot Glasses We Turned 21! #CHEERSBPS

2015-03-23 // By Matthew Moseley
How much fun is a birthday party if the only person attending is you? Absolutely none!  No one wants to celebrate a birthday or any milestone by themselves, and here at Barista Pro Shop we are no different.  This January, marked our 21st year supplying the specialty coffee industry and we wanted to do something special to celebrate the... Read More ⇒

Milkadamia -- Macadamia Milk for Baristas

2015-03-18 // By Matthew Moseley
Milkadamia is here to tell traditional cow’s milk to “Moo-ve” over!  Milkadamia is the newest addition to our non-dairy, alternative milk line-up. Here at Barista Pro Shop, we have a love hate relationship with milk; without it, there’s no lattes, mochas, or cappuccinos, which is tragic.  However, whole milk... Read More ⇒
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