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Pacific Foods New Barista Series Coconut Milk

2015-09-30 // By Bic Vu
Pacific Barista Series Coconut Milk will soon become coffee’s favorite sidekick.  Nut and plant based milks are a growing demand, but can pose a challenge in matching the usability and flavor of dairy milk.  Pacific Foods has addressed these challenges by collaborating with knowledgeable baristas and “some of the best palates... Read More ⇒

Don’t Put Your Toddy Away for Winter: 5 Reasons Your Toddy Should Be On Your Bar Year Around

2015-09-18 // By Matthew Moseley
As the days grow shorter, the impending change of the seasons is upon us and multi-chromatic tree tops begin emerging acting as our signal to pack away all of the summer supplies.  Which means time to box up and store your Toddy, right?  WRONG, although the Toddy is best known for making delicious and simple iced coffee beverages,... Read More ⇒

Munk Pack has Grab-n-Go in the Bag!

2015-09-04 // By Matthew Moseley
Want to Enjoy Oatmeal On-the-Go?  Munk Pack has got it in the bag….literally!  Munk Pack is reimagining a breakfast classic and shattering expectations of how to enjoy oatmeal!  Munk Pack has conveniently produced 3 flavors of whole grain and superfood oatmeal pouches.  That’s right, oatmeal out of a pouch; you... Read More ⇒

Earnest Eats: Sustainable Farming and Long Lasting Nourishment

2015-09-01 // By Bic Vu
Innovation is the ability to turn waste into benefit.  Earnest Eats has taken coffee fruit, a farming bi-product, and added it to their energizing hot cereals for a boost of caffeine. By focusing on food that is both sustainable for the environment and consumers, Earnest Eats Energized Cereal combines a variety of ingredients that benefit... Read More ⇒
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