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Lively Libations - Pumpkin Reinvented

2016-08-31 // By Multiple Authors
Three words: Pumpkin. Spice. Latte. You’re probably crying right now for one of two reasons: A) you love anything and everything pumpkin spice related and just the thought of a warm, comforting PSL brings a tear of joy to your eye or B) you’re completely over it and could not stand to even look at another pumpkin flavored whatever,... Read More ⇒

Lively Libations - Back to School

2016-08-08 // By Multiple Authors
For some cafes, back-to-school season means a high volume of caffeine-hungry students and parents that power their fall business. Highly caffeinated drinks cater to an older crowd, whereas blended drinks appeal more to the younger generations. Keep it simple by offering Americanos, lattes, and dirty chais that offer a higher caffeine content.... Read More ⇒
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