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Recycling, Composting & Common Misconceptions (Part 3: Making The Most Sustainable Choice)

2019-01-18 // By Dana Schlingman
Recently our vendor partners from Eco Products came to present a seminar about the disposables industry, their products and their sustainability efforts. I found the presentation so surprising and informative that I decided to do some more digging through Eco’s online resources. In this blog series, I share what I learned about the... Read More ⇒

NEW Toddy® Cleaner

2019-01-15 // By Mikenna Curlee
Introducing the NEW Toddy® Cleaner! New Toddy® Cleaner is a one-step cleaning product specially formulated for cold brew equipment. Ensure your system delivers consistent quality cold brew with routine cleaning that will not impart any flavor to your cold brew. Toddy Cleaner works with all cold brew systems, including the Toddy Cold... Read More ⇒

Hollander Chocolate Training | Customer Event

2019-01-11 // By Mikenna Curlee
Join us for a night with Hollander Chocolate! Come enjoy delicious Hollander chocolate while learning more about their chocolate processing and leave with recipe ideas perfect for Valentine's Day! This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about this brand whose main two focuses are giving back and the use of quality ingredients.... Read More ⇒

Featured Employee - Dennis Starbuck

2019-01-11 // By Mikenna Curlee
Meet: Dennis Starbuck | Customer Service Barista How long have you worked for BPS and in what capacity? I have been with BPS for the last four months now as a Customer Service Barista. Where did you grow up?  Where did you go to school? I grew up all over Southern California's LA and surrounding areas. I received my AA degree... Read More ⇒

Winter Bloom - Integrate Orchid into Your Cold Weather Recipes!

2019-01-04 // By Mikenna Curlee
Unique Flavor Combinations May Surprise You! Often overlooked, orchid is actually a quite versatile flavor if you are willing to think a little outside the box! We have come up with 5 unique and delicious recipes using 1883 Orchid Syrup for you to spice up your menu. Download: Printable Recipe Cards Apples and Orchids Yield 1, 8... Read More ⇒

Lively Libations - White Winter (January 2019)

2019-01-02 // By Dana Schlingman
Although the holidays have come and gone, that doesn’t mean we have to put their flavors away with the decorations. Slow down and savor the season with one of these winter-inspired brews. Download Printable:Recipe Cards • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •... Read More ⇒

Grab-And-Go Available at Barista Pro Shop

2019-01-01 // By Dana Schlingman
No longer satisfied with simple convenience, discerning customers want Grab-&-Go options that reflect their values. In this era of customization, consumers crave nutrition that caters to their unique needs. It’s about more than just the latest fad (though there are many). As we learn more about ingredients and sourcing, we... Read More ⇒
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