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NEW from Two Leaves and a Bud: Two Roots Turmeric Ginger Latte & Just Right Chai

2020-01-31 // By Mikenna Curlee
Two Roots & Just Right Chai are now joining Nice Matcha in Two Leaves and a Bud's "Less-Sweet Suite" of powdered beverages. A line of less sweet blends, with only 4 grams of sugar, that allows for guilt-free customization. • • • • • Two Roots Turmeric Ginger Latte MixA less sweet, spiced... Read More ⇒

Give Back with David Rio | Customer Workshop

2020-01-29 // By Mikenna Curlee
Join us for a night to remember with David Rio! Learn how one company is changing the world & how you can too with the products that you carry in your shop.  Who? David Rio What? Learn about an epic and intriguing tale of compassion, determination, and how good people and great chai can make a difference. When? 4:30 - 6:30 pm... Read More ⇒

New KIND Whole Fruit & Chocolate

2020-01-22 // By Mikenna Curlee
Now Introducing Whole Fruit & Chocolate Bars from KIND!   Banana & Dark Chocolate - Chocolate-covered fruit is a tasty treat, but not a grab & go snack…until now. They've pressed bananas, apples and dark chocolate together into a delicious bar for a convenient, tasty way to add 1/2 cup serving of fruit to your... Read More ⇒

Featured Employee - Molly Easley

2020-01-10 // By Mikenna Curlee
Meet: Molly Easley | J Street Biscuit Co. Baker How long have you worked for BPS and in what capacity? I started working as a baker at J Street Biscuit Co. in August of 2019.  Where did you grow up?  Where did you go to school? I grew up in Kansas and I went to school at Hutchinson College in Kansas. What do you like most about... Read More ⇒

A Clean Start with Urnex | Customer Workshop

2020-01-01 // By Mikenna Curlee
Better Coffee starts with clean + maintained equipment. Join us for a night with special guests Urnex & Last Man to participate in a limited opportunity training. Who? Urnex & Last Man What? Join us for a limited opportunity training on: Preventative maintenance of your machines The true cost savings of keeping your system... Read More ⇒

Lively Libations - Trending with a Twist (January 2020)

2020-01-01 // By Multiple Authors
Specialty drinks are a great way to bring customers into your shop. Here are some recipes that we think will be a great addition to your menu in 2020. From cocktails to cold brew, these are our predictions for the new year. Download Printable: Recipe Cards Kyla’s Blueberry Tea Cocktail This blueberry tea cocktail is both deceptive... Read More ⇒
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