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You can take the Baristas out of the Cafe, but you can't keep them from making drinks! 

Recipe Cards

Here we’ve compiled links to all of our Lively Libations recipes. Feel free to download or print these PDF documents for convenient use in your cafe or home. If you have questions about substitutions or adjustment, please give us a call. We would love to help you hone a custom recipe or perfect a seasonal menu. (866) 776-5288


Want to learn more about the themes or products from the recipe cards above? Click on the corresponding link below and visit that month’s Lively Libations blog post. Each post contains links to the products that we used in the recipes as well as additional links to product information and the occasional tutorial video making it easy to purchase ingredients and replicate the recipes in your own cafe or home.

Recipe Database


In addition to our own creations, we've also compiled recipes from our vendor partners - this way you also have access to recipes straight from the manufacturer. For your convenience, there are links to our catalog so you can get to making these delicious beverages even sooner.

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