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Meet the Producers this Thursday!

2013-09-10 // By Jillian Peck
I hope all of you are ready for a good time! This Thursday, September 12, from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm, Meet the producers takes place right here at Barista Pro Shop, located at 5888 Wright Dr. Loveland, CO 80538. We are setting up for raffles, scavenger hunts, food and beverages, goodie bags, and best of all, booths for the products you, your... Read More ⇒

It’s Easy Being Green!!

2012-02-15 // By Tia Peck
Now with more Eco-Products added to our catalog, BPS is making it even easier to be environmentally friendly.  Eco-Products Green Stripe line are made from renewable and compostable resources.  This means all GreenStripe® products are made from renewable plant materials and can be returned to the soil to help plants grow. Green... Read More ⇒

Trip Report: Jay and Jon in San Fran

2012-02-09 // By Jay Weller
  We're at the end of day one of 2 ambitious days of vendor visits.  Jon and I took a late flight last night from Boston to San Francisco.  We arrived at our hotel around 11:00 pm and got a good night's sleep.  At 9:00 am Tessa from David Rio was gracious enough to pick us up at our airport hotel and bring us to downtown San... Read More ⇒

Lively Libations - Blushing Beverages (February 2019)

2019-02-01 // By Multiple Authors
We all know love is in this air this month, so we created some rosy beverages sweetly dressed for the occasion! Whether you’re toasting with a valentine, sharing a sip with a gal-entine or decidedly not celebrating anything (we’ve all been there), we’ve created a rich, salty, fruity or creamy brew for you! Download... Read More ⇒

Yerba Maté: The Teas They are a-Changing

2014-09-19 // By Matthew Moseley
Americans have long held a love, hate relationship with tea.  In our formative years, it went from being one of the largest imported goods to being completely boycotted.  Since then, tea has slowly begun to become more popular and prevalently consumed amongst Americans.  Part of the reason that tea has entered back into the... Read More ⇒

The Tip Jar- Brewing Guayaki Yerba Maté

2011-08-31 // By Tia Peck
After having a discussion about possible brew methods for Guayaki Traditional Yerba Maté with Alex (our new warehouse guy), Kari and I decided to do some experimenting in the BPS training café.  We taste tested four different brew methods side by side using Guayaki Traditional Loose Yerba Maté.  Each method changed... Read More ⇒

Lively Libations - A Pinch of Green (March 2018)

2018-03-01 // By Multiple Authors
This month we are dreaming of green—not just shamrocks or leprechauns, but also matcha and tea leaves. Go green with the benefits of low caffeine, antioxidants, and refreshing flavors. Since it's both verdant and versatile, you don't have to venture to the end of a rainbow to find the right fit for your menu. This installment of Lively... Read More ⇒

Lively Libations - A Little Green [Collab with DaVinci Gourmet and Oregon Chai]

2017-03-01 // By Multiple Authors
Thank you for joining us this month for a special edition of Lively Libations! Join us and Levi Andersen from DaVinci Gourmet in making delicious St. Patrick's Day drinks and drink specials for everyone to enjoy! There isn't a day quite as iconic as St. Patrick’s Day. Between the shamrocks, rainbows, and leprechauns; the festivities are... Read More ⇒

Lively Libations - Chill Out With Cold Brew (June 2017)

2017-06-01 // By Dana Schlingman
With less acidity, a velvety consistency, and more caffeine. . . what’s not to love about cold brew? Because of its versatility and convenience, we believe cold brewed coffee and tea is more than just a passing trend. Change the way you do iced drinks this summer by offering these innovative recipes:  Download: Printable Recipe Cards ... Read More ⇒
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