Based in San Francisco, CA, David Rio blends and offers its distinctive premium chai products, combining eastern tradition with western innovation and style to connoisseurs around the world. David Rio was founded in 1996 by co-founders, Scott (David) Lowe and Rio Miura. The company began marketing a line of specialty tea, coffee, and accessories through an all-Japanese language catalog in Japan. Initially, the plan was to market their first flavor, “Elephant Vanilla Chai” in Japan only, but soon after its release, domestic demand from both individuals and operators led David Rio to offer their chai in the US market as well. Eager to create an additional chai with stronger notes of spices, David Rio developed their second and signature flavor “Tiger Spice Chai®” and has continued to create exciting and innovative flavors to expand what is known today as their “Endangered Species Line” of premium chai products named after endangered or at-risk animals. Today, David Rio’s Endangered Species Line is available in cafes, restaurants, and specialty retail stores in over 45 countries and growing. David Rio is also a strong and dedicated supporter of animal welfare, and donates annually to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). These donations contribute to IFAW’s global initiatives, which focus on David Rio’s deepest commitment to protect endangered tigers and elephants worldwide.

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