Toddy 56 oz. Acrylic Decanter(s)

56 oz. Acrylic Decanter(s)

Stylish and efficient, the 56 ounce Acrylic (PBA Free) Toddy Decanter is the perfect instrument for storing and pouring your Toddy concentrate. The silicon seal allows the decanters to be stored standing up or on their sides without any leaking. Built to stand up to the toughest of treatment, the resilient design will prevent breakages while still making pouring the next cup a breeze.

One brewing from the Toddy Cold Brew Commercial Model will fill six decanters.

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56 oz. Acrylic Decanter(s) - $9.50

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5 Stars

Excelent product! I've sold out all of my cold brew. These pitchers are a very professional presentation in my store.

By C&C Latin-America Imports LLC

October 6, 2021

I have to admit it. A friend of mine introduced me to the Toddy Coffee Maker. I resisted. It seemed too silly to me. Finally, he'd had enough and GAVE me one. That was years ago. I've worn out more than one. Now I won't make coffee any other way. I'm hooked. All other methods just do NOT compare! If I ever have a fire, my Toddy is the first thing I'm grabbing as I run out the door.

By Steve

December 12, 2017

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