Big Train VANILLA BEAN Blended Crème

VANILLA BEAN Blended Crème

Create your own signature drinks with Big Train’s Blended Crèmes! These Coffee-Free mixes are great alone, or with your favorite coffee or espresso blends! Make delicious vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry milkshakes at home! Create signature drink like Double Chocolate Espresso Slam, or Heavenly Hazelnut by adding your favorite coffee or espresso. With four great Coffee-Free mixes to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Get yours today, and let your creativity run WILD!

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3.5 lb. Bag - $23.95

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5 Stars

This so SO GOOD. GREAT vanilla flavor, not too sweet. Customers and staff all love it. We do lots of other drinks with it such as banana splits, "sundae" drinks, etc. Highly recommend.

By Kent Coffee & Chocolate Co.

September 6, 2015

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