Hario White V60 Ceramic Dripper(s) 02

White V60 Ceramic Dripper(s) 02

Once you get the hang of it, the V60 is quick, simple, and capable of consistently producing a great cup of coffee. This means that all of the coffee grounds share equal contact time with the water, better ensuring that all of the coffee grounds are being brewed evenly. The V60 02 is a perfect option for those wanting a dripper crafted for serving 1-4 people. Like most pour-over brewers, the V60 is easy to clean up: simply dump out the filter, rinse, and if you wish, put in the dishwasher (don't forget to take off the detachable plastic bottom on the glass V60).

White V60 Ceramic Dripper(s) 02 - $25.00

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