Madhava Ambrosia Honey

Ambrosia Honey

Since 1973, we’ve partnered with regional beekeepers to bring you the finest pure, raw honey. Our quality reflects the close attention and care given when crafting our honey.

We only use low-temperature melting and simple straining to maintain all the pollens, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that overheating and force filtering destroy. This often takes days, not hours, like most other honey. It’s a slow process but we think you’ll agree our Ambrosia honey is the best tasting honey around.

Gluten Free

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16 oz. Bottle(s) - $10.73


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3 Stars

After buying this I saw it at my local grocery store for 3.99. This is over double the price for the exact same item. I don't understand why its so overpriced on this site.

By Christal

April 3, 2021

5 Stars

vitamins and minerals that overheating and force filtering destroy

By Timothy) HAVING 2998=2362-- ihtG

March 24, 2020

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