1883 Cardamom Syrup

Cardamom Syrup

The light yet deep colour of 1883 Cardamom syrup already displays the ambivalence of a complex, majestic sensorial experience. In one whiff, its fragrance offers all of the flavours to enjoy on the palate one by one on a complete sophisticated taste journey that tempers the power of cardamom with a fresh spiced duality offering a harmony and roundness never experienced before.

The powerful spiced notes in this 1883 syrup transform hot drinks like coffee or infusions into an intense aromatic adventure, while its zesty and fl oral notes delicately enhance wine and beers with distinctive accents.

Color: Translucent

Nose: Characteristic notes of cardamom seeds

Taste: Spicy, zesty and floral notes

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1 Liter Bottle(s) - $12.56

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