Ghirardelli® Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (4,000 ct)

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (4,000 ct)

Our Semi-sweet chips begin with carefully roasting the finest hand-selected cocoa beans from around the world. We add pure ingredients like real vanilla, then blend our chocolate for hours. The result is Ghirardelli's rich, creamy signature taste in these distinctive semi-sweet baking chips. With Ghirardelli® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Chips, your desserts will redefine chocolate indulgence. A note on the size of chocolate chips: 1,000 ct is the size of your traditional chocolate chip that you put into cookies--approximately the same size as a Hershey's or Toll House chip. 2,000 ct. are half the size of 1,000 ct., and 4,000 ct. are one quarter the size of the 1,000 ct. If you have any questions about chip size, please call us before ordering. Chips in the 12 oz. to 24 oz. bags are 1,000 ct.

*Scoop pictured is not included.

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25 lb. Box - $142.62

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