Tea for the Seasons: How to Enjoy Tea All Year Long

by Annelies Zijderveld, Marketing Director @ Mighty Leaf Tea Company

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As the second most consumed beverage in the world, tea is popular. Health benefits, increasing frequency of availability, different caffeine options, varieties of flavor, and seasonality contribute to this high ranking. Mighty Leaf Tea leads in specialty tea as an innovator and crafter of artisan blends of whole leaf teas and biodegradable Tea Pouches.

Studies have researched and discovered health benefits attributed to tea. Some of their findings reveal tea is high in antioxidants, is purported to stave off certain kinds of cancer, and is good for your bones and teeth. Unlike caffeine from coffee, tea's caffeine gives you a lift without the buzz. Whole leaf tea is considered the crème de la crème. From a health standpoint, incorporating tea into your lifestyle makes sense.

Like any component of a healthy lifestyle, the item being introduced needs to be something that is easily sustainable, to keep it part of a regular routine. These days chefs are folding tea into savory and sweet creations for their diners. Mixologists also have concocted with greater frequency, cocktails with tea as a key ingredient. Retail stores now have sections dedicated to specialty teas or larger offerings of tea in their hot beverage sections. Opportunities to find tea in your everyday life have increased exponentially in the past 10 years.

Varying caffeine levels contribute to tea's popularity. Black teas with their stronger caffeine level are a suitable morning brew. Green and white teas with their lighter caffeine make suitable selections for the afternoon or for someone watching their caffeine intake. Herbal infusions are natural botanicals of herbs, spices, and fruit for naturally caffeine free blends perfect for the evening or someone unable to have caffeine. This demonstrates that a person could drink tea morning, noon and night.

Teas come in classic selections as well as artisan blends. Classic teas consist of tea leaves with nothing added - just tea. Sometimes they hale from a specific tea farm or estate and are then considered "single estate." Some examples of classics in the Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch line-up include: Organic Breakfast and Organic Green Dragon. Mighty Leaf's artisan blends bring together ingredients of herbs, spices, and fruits, often combining them with tea. Some Mighty Leaf artisan tea blends include Orange Dulce and Organic Spring Jasmine. On the herbal side, Organic African Nectar and Chamomile Citrus are good examples of artisan-crafted herbal infusion blends.

Weather can play a big role in determining what kind of tea to brew. During the spring and summer months, tea over ice is a refreshing way to enjoy tea. Iced tea is often served with lemon or mint. When it's hot outside, consider pairing tea with lemonade in an Arnold Palmer or with juice for a new creation. The fall and winter months call for a cup of hot tea. Steeping times are listed on Mighty Leaf's Tea Pouch tea tags and are a great guide, so teas don't get over-brewed. Some teas lend themselves to brewing heartier cups. In this case, consider making tea lattes by adding a splash of milk or soy for a creamy cup. Several Mighty Leaf teas that make great tea lattes include Organic Earl Grey and Bombay Chai.

Drinking tea throughout the year can be fun and definitely is delicious. Enjoy steeping!

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