Weather it's hot or cold...

Tuesday July 13, 2010

Ok, so check out the current map for today (6pm Mountain time). 

Weather Map




That’s a lot of red and orange!  That’s a lot of hot!  No sweat, we’ve got you covered.  For those in search of that coffee fix and a cool down try an iced coffee made with the Toddy cold brew system, an iced latté made with BPS Espresso and flavored with your favorite syrup, and don’t forget frappés.  Try a Big Train, Jet, Mocafe, Ghirardelli, or Cool Capp blended iced coffee/frappé.  They’re creamy, cold, and delicious. 




Need something for the kids or looking for a decaf option?  Smoothies are a great way to keep it cool and enjoy a little fruit in the process.  Jet, Torani, Dr. Smoothie, Monin, and Big Train smoothies contain real fruit and come in summer’s favorite flavors. 


Want to add a little sparkle?  Italian Sodas are a classic favorite with endless flavor combinations.  Iced Tea Sparklers and Sparkling Lemonade are another great option.  Add sparkling water to Third Street’s Iced Tea Concentrates or Organic Boulder Lemonade and let the refreshment begin.  Mighty Leaf and Numi Iced Teas are perfect for that summer picnic or party.  Throw in a little Da Vinici, Monin, or Torani fruit flavored syrup for a creative twist on old fashioned sweet tea. 


No matter what the weather, we’ve a lot of great options.  Need ideas, inspiration, or more info?  Contact us, we love to talk shop!

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