The Tip Jar- New Year's Resolution

Wednesday January 4, 2012 // By Tia Peck

“A New Year's resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more lasting personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit.” ~Wikipedia

Recently I have discovered that the three most popular New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight, save money, and to try something new. To achieve any of these goals can be difficult but it is a lot easier if you focus on the small-but-significant things in you daily routine.  Like starting every morning with a gourmet cup of joe and pastry from your local coffee shop, which is not only packed full of calories but can become very expensive as well. I personally cannot get through the day without a little caffeine, so instead of trying to cut out my morning café visit I just tweaked it a little.  

Here are five easy things you can do to still achieve your New Year’s resolution goal without give up your morning  brew:

1.)    If you just want to cut down on sugar but don’t want to give up the flavor Sweetbird provides a large selection of a vegan   approved syrup line.  Monin, DaVinci, and Torani also carry a wide range of sugar free syrups and sauces, so you can still have that flavored mocha without all the sugar and calories.

Big Train


2.)   Trying to get back into shape?  Big Train has come out with a collection of Fit Frappes that are not only delicious but packed full of nutrition as well.  In just a 16oz. serving size this drink has at least 20g. of Protein, only 130 Calories, is Gluten free, contains 19 Vitamins and Minerals, less than 1g of Sugar , at least 5g of Fiber, 2.3g. of Fat, 10mg. of Caffeine and 24g. Carbs. This gourmet beverage will give you the boost you need to get through the day.



Umpqua Oats

3.)    Starting at square one kick start your day with Umpqua Oats.  A fast and nutritious oatmeal that is great for breakfast or lunch.  Umpqua Oats uses the best natural ingredients with whole thick rolled oats for an “old fashioned” taste and sucanat sugar that adds a delicious caramel flavor.  With one easy step “just add hot water” and nine fantastic flavors Umpqua Oats makes a great healthy, delicious, and inexpensive meal.


 4.)    Fresh fruit is also a great way to start the day.  If you’re not a big breakfast eater but need a little something to go with your coffee then fresh fruit is the way to go.  A popular trend in many coffee shops is the option of fresh fruit as a healthier breakfast or snack choice.


 5.)    Another new arrival to coffee shops and an awesome snack choice to take on the go is Olomomo Nuts.  Olomomo roasted nuts are an energy, amino acid and protein-rich snack designed to taste great with coffee, tea, beer and wine. Olomomo Nut Company offers a variety of flavors that are made with organic ingredients, are vegan approved, gluten free, no added oils, and no artificial flavors.  This protein rich snack is a great choice for anyone on the go - athletes, travelers, busy moms and kids.

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