Umpqua Oats

Monday November 25, 2013 // By Jillian Peck

What kind of person do you become when you are hungry? It seems hunger always turns us into a person we wouldn’t want to be around, but some times that fact is still not quite enough to make breakfast a priority. Maybe you don’t have the time every morning to make a good breakfast, but no one says a good breakfast has to be a time consuming task. Take five minutes for Umpqua Oats. The very delicious and healthy oatmeal that makes breakfast the easiest part of the morning.

One of my favorite things about Umpqua Oats is that each meal comes in a sealed carton, so in the mornings when I truly don’t have a moment to spare, I can grab a carton out of the cupboard, stuff it in my bag, and out the door I go! No more grumpy, hungry mornings; instead, it’s a fast, hot, delicious, filling, healthy, easy meal that goes whenever and wherever I need to.




There’s no dull moment when you kick off your morning with flavors like these!




Not only does that old, hungry, grumpy self get the boot, but your tummy is gonna be one happy camper! Start your day with these all natural, super premium oatmeals by placing your order online at! 

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