Why Not Add an Extra Shot to That?

Wednesday February 26, 2014 // By Matthew Moseley

Don’t you wish you could get more than you pay for?  Well of course, everyone loves free stuff! However, how many times do you feel like you’re getting it free because no one really wants it?  

What if you could guarantee it is was high quality, you would take advantage of it every time, right?

Liven Up Your Order

Well that’s what our Extra Shots are!  We want to show our appreciation to you, our customers, by offering additional goodies to your order for free.  When you place a qualifying order, we want to spread some love by offering you three different levels of Extra Shot® products. This way any of your orders will qualify for at least one Extra Shot.  If you’re not aware of our Extra Shots already, let me fill you in.  

Who Doesn't Need an Extra Shot Now and Again?

Extra Shot is the BPS® rewards program offering you specific products that can be added to your order for FREE, as well as, receiving free shipping on those Extra Shot item(s).   Which gives you a unique opportunity to sample products from our catalog at absolutely no charge. Go ahead and try new products to see if they’re the right fit for you!  

How Does It Work?

If you like what you’re hearing this far you’re probably interested in what a qualifying order is right? Well here you go:

It's Simple:

The more you spend, the more Extra Shots we’ll give you. No strings attached!

So, if you haven’t already taken advantage of our Extra Shot program; be sure to take a look at what we are offering.

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Welcome ! Remember that any order of $1750 or more qualifies for free shipping, and that you will receive at least a $50 rebate towards freight if you spend more than $750.