Bring Your Kid to Work Day

Friday April 24, 2015

Yesterday was Bring Your Kid to Work Day, being that about half of our staff is in their early 20’s, it goes without saying that not many kids showed up. However, we did have the privilege of meeting 12 year-old Cecilia, who is the daughter of Joy who works in our bakery. Cecilia spent about half of the day here working with her mom doing various things. Cecilia assembled bakery boxes, helped her mom make muffins and even got to frost cinnamon rolls!  She got an opportunity to see how all of those delicious baked goods are made and was lucky enough to sample a few items. When the day was done she said, “I liked that I could do what my mom does and got to snack on the extras they didn’t need!”

Cecilia has grown up here in Loveland, CO and is currently in 6th grade at a local middle school. She enjoys track and field as running is one of her favorite things to do! She enjoy listening to music from the 80’s, pop, country and sometimes rap. Her favorite movies are Disney’s Bears and Disney’s Maleficent. She also likes watching old scary movies such as Halloween or Friday the 13th. She has one brother named Sam and two dogs, Daisy and Jack. We asked her where she would live if she could live anywhere in the world and she said, “Paris, because, 1, it is the prettiest place to go sight seeing. And, 2, I’ve always dreamed to go there and travel. Oh! And eat their fancy cheese and french baguettes.”

It certainly was a pleasure to meet her and have her with us at BPS for a while!

Joy and Cecilia

Joy and Cecilia 2


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