Munk Pack has Grab-n-Go in the Bag!

Friday September 4, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

Munk Pack

Want to Enjoy Oatmeal On-the-Go?  Munk Pack has got it in the bag….literally! 

Munk Pack is reimagining a breakfast classic and shattering expectations of how to enjoy oatmeal!  Munk Pack has conveniently produced 3 flavors of whole grain and superfood oatmeal pouches.  That’s right, oatmeal out of a pouch; you know, one of those pouches you see kids clenching while slurping down apple sauce or another pureed snack.  At first, I was skeptical about the idea of eating oatmeal out of a pouch and wary about the impending of sampling of Munk Pack’s oatmeal fruit squeezes, but I was absolutely blown away.  Honestly, I’m truly a convert; the great taste and surprisingly pleasant consistency completely outweighs any preconceived notion about the unorthodox packaging.

Why the pouch?

Munk Pack is a product born from the idea that portable food should still be healthy and taste great.  With this mission in mind, the co-founders began preparing homemade smoothies and oatmeal which they would transfer into bottles to simplify transportation.  So, why doesn’t Munk Pack just come in a mason jar?  Well, Munk Pack was about more than just making mobile snacks; it was imperative to create a product that wasn’t heavily processed and avoided the addition of sugars (the only sugar in Munk Pack comes from the fruits in each oatmeal), syrups, and other fillers typically used to make bars or snacks more appealing to a consumer’s palate. Voila, pouches addressed both of these concerns.  First, they obviously made it easy to store or pack the pouches just about anywhere in addition to offering an oatmeal snack requiring absolutely no preparation which could be eaten anywhere with a free hand to spare.  Second, these pouches allowed Munk Pack to produce a non-perishable snack without using artificial preservatives.  It’s that simple the pouch goes where you go and only contains whole grain rolled oats, flax, and delicious fruits; that’s it!

Why Munk Pack?

We get it, cute lil’ furry things are SO in right now!

As true as that might be, that had nothing to do with the decision to name these ready-to-eat oatmeal and fruit squeezes.  In reality, chipmunks are an inherently adventurous breed and stick to a rigorous diet of fruits, nuts, seed, and grains.  Similar to chipmunks picky eating habits, Munk Pack is committed to “gather only high quality, real ingredients from nature for balanced nutrition on the go.”  This healthy diet combined with their natural propensity to adventure resonated with the co-founders’ initial inspiration for creating Munk Pack making chipmunks the perfect symbol for the brand.  The cute-factor probably didn’t hurt either!

What are your options?

We offer all 3 flavors from Munk Pack which are available in cartons of 6 - 4.2oz pouches. You can choose from Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Blueberry Acai Flax, and Raspberry Coconut. Also, you will be happy to hear Munk Pack products are included in our free shipping category. Munk Pack Products 

-Raspberry Coconut: This eclectic twist on oatmeal will jazz your taste buds! Packed with ripe red raspberries, oats, and coconut shreds, you will experience a muesli-like texture along with the smoothness of a puree. We use vibrant, seedless raspberries and only pure, unsulphured dried coconut with no added sugars.

-Apple Quinoa: The classic taste of apple cinnamon oatmeal, powered with ancient grain quinoa. Packed with protein and fiber, quinoa is a staple from South America. It tastes like apple pie, but with the goodness of an oatmeal! We use high quality organic cinnamon, quinoa and flaxseed.

-Blueberry Acai Flax: Enjoy the vibrant taste of antioxidant-rich berries bursting from your oatmeal. The blend of blueberries, pure acai, wholegrain rolled oats and Omega-3 packed flax is more satisfying than a smoothie! We use delicious ripe blueberries from the Pacific Northwest and pure, unsweetened acai berry.

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