David Rio White Shark Chai

Thursday May 11, 2017 // By Dana Schlingman

Introducing the first white tea blend in David Rio's Endangered Species Line...

David Rio White Shark ChaiWhite Shark Chai contains quality Bai Mudan tea, organic spices and a gentle bite of black pepper balanced by bright citrus notes. Artfully blended into a convenient mix, this versatile chai is easy to prepare hot or iced - simple mix it with water, dairy or dairy alternative. Likewise, White Shark Chai can be used to enhance baked goods and other delicacies.

• Made With White Tea

• No Trans Fat or Hydrogenated Oil

• Non-GMO

• Organic Spices

• Gluten Free

• Certified Kosher 

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Conservation & Awareness

David Rio Chai IngredientsAs the newest addition to David Rio’s Endangered Species Line, this distinctive chai showcases the white shark population residing near the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco. By donating to the Greater Farallones Association’s White Shark Stewardship Project, David Rio helps support the protection and conservation of the shark population that migrates to the underwater national park known as the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. This organization strives to raise awareness about the human hostility that destroys shark populations and to ensure that the region remains an ecologically diverse ocean environment for all species.

David Rio's Legacy of Excellence
David Rio White Shark Chai RecipesJust 26 miles from the sanctuary in San Francisco, David Rio has been creating premium chai and tea beverages since 1996. Crafted with superior ingredients sourced from around the world, all David Rio products are gluten free, non-GMO and made without hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Davi Rio believes, “Using organic spices delivers better quality, enhanced taste, and is one of our many contributions to creating a healthy product and a healthy environment - for people, plants and animals.” To demonstrate these firm convictions about animal welfare, Davide Rio continues to expand its Endangered Species Line of premium chais raising support for endangered, at-risk species. In addition, David Rio donates annually to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)’s elephant and tiger programs, supports the Bay Area's Peninsula Humane Society, and partners with Cat Tales Zoological Park in Mead, Washington, where the company adopted a Bengal Tiger named Atlas. 

Order some David Rio Chai today and see just how sweet (and spicy) a commitment to environmental responsibility can truly be!

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David Rio White Shark Chai
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The White Shark Chai™ combines quality Bai Mudan white tea, organic spices, with a gentle bite of black pepper to complement the bright citrus n...

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