Introducing Pacific Barista Series Rice

Monday July 24, 2017 // By Dana Schlingman

Barista Series Rice Pairs With EspressoThe Dairy Free Dilemma
As someone with a recently developed dairy intolerance, I was definitely intrigued when I heard that Pacific Natural Foods had formulated a new Barista Series Rice Milk. After growing up the daughter of a milk-man, (literally jokes aside, my dad delivered dairy products for Meadow Gold), I found cutting out dairy very difficult. I often felt deprived because so many of the substitutes were sub-par (... if you know what I mean - I’m still looking for a good cheese…)

Sales suggest that I am not alone in the search. Data presented by Pacific shows that Non-Dairy Beverages are over a $1 billion category in retail stores.

Latte Art With Pacific Barista Series RiceConsumers Are Seeking Dairy Alternatives Due To:
• Lactose Intolerance
• Aversion to Animal Products
• Taste Preference
• A Desire to Reduce Calories
• Allergies

While Pacific has already crafted several blends to meet this rising demand, their Rice Milk caters to a specific enclave in the broader category. Because it contains no soy, carrageenan or nut products, it does not affect individuals with these common allergies. Thus, Pacific Barista Series Rice is an inclusive choice for hosts or cafes wishing to accommodate those with food sensitivities.

Learn more: Check out these Fresh Cup articles about Alternative Milks & Navigating Dietary Restrictions

Image by: Fresh Cup Pacific Barista Series Rice Milk

Pacific Barista Series Rice:

• Vegan
• Gluten Free
• Dairy Free
• Soy Free
• Carrageenan Free
• 130 Calories per 1 cup serving (versus: a 1 cup serving of whole milk which contains about 150 Calories)

Additionally, in keeping with Pacific’s commitment to quality and sustainability, this Rice Milk is made with Non-Gmo Rice. Follow the link to learn more about Pacific’s Source Integrity and Sustainability Commitments.

For Nutritional Information: Check out the Rice Milk Sell Sheet and the Barista Series Line Brochure 

Sampling Pacific Barista Series Rice & Hollander with our Gourmet Source Rep. Grant BlumSteams Like A Champ
Earlier this year our vendor representative was able to bring Barista Series Rice samples for us to test. The unfortunate drawback to many of these nutritious, tasty alternatives is lackluster performance - they just can’t take the heat!

To our surprise, we were able to produce a microfoam with a sheen comparable to that of milk foam. The consensus was that it also sweetened slightly when warmed much like milk. I suppose we shouldn’t really have been surprised though, since like its counterparts in the Pacific Barista Series, this new Rice formulation was specifically crafted to pair with espresso and steam consistently. 

Pacific is so confident in their line that they introduced an alternative-dairy latte art competition at Coffeefest to get it in the hands of the most experienced baristas.

Pacific Alternative Milk Latte Art Competition Winners

Check out this 
Sprudge Article about an early Pacific Barista Series Throw-Down at The New York Coffee Festival. Pacific used the event to draw attention to their #NourishEveryBody philosophy. It’s a simple idea that defines everything they do: “Our success will never be measured in sales or profits. It’s rooted in the lives that we nourish.

By providing meals for those in need, supporting the ethical treatment of livestock and partnering with businesses that care for the environment, Pacific Natural Foods truly strives to Nourish Everybody.




So whether you like me are forced to avoid dairy because of a cruel dietary sensitivity (actually, it's not so terrible) or you are simply looking for an alternative to enhance your latte, this Rice Milk is worth a spin!

... in the steaming pitcher, of course.


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