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Ready-to-Drink Beverages Available at BPSBeverages Available At BPS

Sure, it’s 7:00 am, and most bleary-eyed customers are looking for a hot coffee right now, but what will they be thirsty for in a few hours?

Don’t just satisfy customers’ cravings when they walk through the door, offer ready-to-drink beverages that they can open and enjoy later–long after they’ve left the shop.

Check out the vibrant Ready-to-Drink options available at BPS.

Whether your customers are concerned about sustainability, organic ingredients, social initiatives or bold flavor we have what you need to satiate their thirst.

 Caskai Sparkling CascaraCaskai Sparkling Cascara

Cascara Coffee Cherries

Made with a light infusion of fresh brewed Premium Sun-dried Cascara ™ (grown in the highlands of Panama and Nicaragua), spring water from the Austrian Alps and a touch of organic cane sugar, this refreshing beverage offers artisanal appeal and convenience.  

More commonly viewed as a mere coffee by-product, the cascara cherry encasing the coffee bean is typically removed and discarded. However, Caskai has discovered a way to utilize this once wasted superfood by carefully drying the intact cherry (with the coffee bean still inside). Once the fruit has been dried, the bean is removed and the remaining Cascara is then steeped like a tea to create the earthy, naturally sweet infusion bottled in Caskai Sparkling Cascara. Sustainable, delicious and nutrient-rich, Caskai contains only 40 calories per bottle, up to 14 mg of naturally occurring caffeine, antioxidants, B Vitamins, Vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

Visit our Caskai Sparkling Cascara blog post to learn more.

Caskai Nutritional Information

HumanKind Water, Iced Tea & Lemonade

HumanKind Teas and LemonadesHumankind was started for one simple reason: to help end the world’s water crisis. Illness contracted from contaminated water is the #1 killer of children around the globe. Fortunately, it’s preventable, and Humankind’s business model is designed to empower consumers to help. The purchase of one HumanKind water bottle provides clean water for 1 person for 100 days. Likewise, the purchase of one HumanKind organic tea or lemonade provides 50 gallons of clean drinking water for people in need. These delicious products make it crazy easy to do good.

Made with real organic fruit, HumanKind’s unique line of organic iced teas and lemonades contains 5 custom-blended flavors (Jasmine Lime TeaLemonadePeach TeaStrawberry Lemonade & Sweet Tea with Lemon) that are perfectly sweet and balanced. Humankind also offers pure Premium Spring Water. Though it's not magic or holy, some might argue that its impact is both!

Visit our Introducing HumanKind! blog post to learn more.

HumanKind Organic Teas & Lemonade Sell Sheet | HumanKind Organic Teas & Lemonade Nutritional Information

Third Street Chai's Ready To Drink ProductsThird Street Chai

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Third Street Chai microbrews all of their chai with whole freshly milled spices. The subtle and authentic flavors in every bottle, reflect a commitment to quality. Every year Third Street Chai brewers visit the regions where they source their spices to ensure that they are purchasing premium ingredients, to connect with farmers and to observe the living standards of each location.

Third Street Chai for the Active Lifestyle

“Before our spices travel across land and ocean from places like India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Trinidad, we make sure that the people we do business with are people that our customers would do business with and that they’re well taken care of.” – Third Street Chai

Third Street offers 4 Organic, Fair Trade & Non-GMO beverages:

Half & Half Black Tea LemonadePeach Black TeaSlightly Sweet Black Tea & Slightly Sweet Green Tea

To learn more about Third Street Chai's practices, visit their website.

Third Street Sell Chai Sheet

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OUT OF STOCK: This item is temporarily out of stock. If you would like to know when we expect to get more in, please call us toll free at (866) 776-5288.

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