The Twelve Days of Coffee: Give The Gift of Great Coffee

Tuesday December 12, 2017 // By Elizabeth Baldwin

The Twelve Days of Coffee

12 of Our Favorite Gift Ideas

For Coffee and Tea Enthusiasts


Day 1: Brewista Gooseneck Kettle

Brewista 1.2L Temperature Gauge Switch KettleThe 1.2L Temperature Gauge Switch Kettle from Brewista combines all the best features for maximum control and efficiency. With an analog temperature gauge in the lid that displays current water temperature (in Celsius and Fahrenheit); an auto-off function that ensures safety by shutting the unit down if left unattended (for more than 60 minutes); and the perfect gooseneck spout needed for a precise pour-over, this kettle is ideal for the savvy brewer. Pick one up by its easy grip handle for the holidays - it's everything you’ll need in a kettle this season.

Hario V60 Bee House Ceramic Drippers

Day 2: Hario V60 & Bee House Ceramic Drip Brewers

Manual brewing is on the rise as coffee consumers become more savvy. But, with so many methods to choose from, where to start? We suggest: the Bee House and the Hario V60 pour-over brewers! For the beginner, the Bee House ceramic dripper is quite forgiving and produces a tasty, properly-extracted cup, without a perfectly refined pouring technique. The best part? Its filters are carried at most grocery stores! On the other hand, the Hario V60 can be a bit trickier with its larger open bottom. However with the practiced pour, its patented spiral ridges evenly distribute water throughout the grounds for balanced extraction. Once you get the hang of it, the V60 is quick and capable of consistently producing a great cup of coffee. Like most pour-over brewers, these ceramic drippers are easy to clean: simply dump out the filter, rinse and if you wish put either in the dishwasher. Don't forget the Filters! BeeHouse Filters and Hario V60 Filters 

Day 3: Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chips 

Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate with Chocolate ChipsHeat up your holidays with decadent Hot Cocoa with Chocolate Chips! Once mixed, this cocoa delivers a velvety-smooth texture and the rich chocolate finish you’d expect from Ghirardelli. No need to hassle with anything else - this hot chocolate blends perfectly with hot water! Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chips is available in a 2 lb. bag or in single serve pouches. Buy 15 pouches and it comes in a classy box ideal for gifting!

Day 4: Bodum French Press 

Bodum French PressLooking for a chic gift this season? The Bodum French Press is a timeless classic. This simple brew method doesn’t require any special filter and it’s easy to clean! Pair a French Press with a bag of great coffee beans for the ultimate holiday gift. 

Day 5: The Toddy Coffee Maker

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee MakerCold brew seems to be a trend seeping into coffee shops, grocery stores and homes because this alternative brewing method extracts unique flavor profiles and less acidic coffee. If you are interested in batching up some of your own cold brew this season, we recommend experimenting with the Toddy Coffee Maker. With its intuitive design that stands the test of time, the Toddy is simple and cost efficient. This ingenious device can be used to create coffee concentrate ready to serve over ice, to blend in frappes or to mix in cocktails. Experiment with tea, decaf, espresso or steam your brew later - the possibilities are endless!

Day 6: Flavored Syrup

Flavored Syrups: Torani, DaVinci, 1883, MoninTransform that everyday cup of joe with holiday flavor! Eggnog, Peppermint, English Toffee, and Gingerbread flavored syrups make great gifts for those who like their coffee sweet and festive. With our wide array of brand and flavors, we carry something to suit every taste. We even have stocking stuffer sized bottles - petite and perfect for gifting!  

Day 7: Hot Tea

Numi, Two Leaves, Mighty Leaf Tea

Help your friends warm up with a cozy cup of their favorite hot tea. A box of tea is an easy affordable gift that shows you care. Gift a box, make a basket, or stuff a stocking with tea and make someone’s holiday extra special!

Day 8: The Chemex

Chemex 8 Cup Coffee MakerThe iconic Chemex Coffee Maker with its elegant shape is designed to deliver the purest coffee flavor experience possible. With an 8-cup capacity, this brewer is ideal for sharing coffee with friends! Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass, the Chemex will not absorb odors or chemicals. So whether used simply to brew or as a serving vessel, the Chemex will remain unblemished by residue buildup. Which means that, as a storage device, the Chemex can also be trusted to preserve flavor should you chose to refrigerate and reheat your brew.

Day 9: Torie & Howard  

Torie & Howard Assorted Hard Candy Handbag

So what do you get for that one friend who doesn’t want more “stuff”? We suggest a delectable treat from Torie & Howard. These sophisticated sweets are brimming with fresh flavors because they are USDA Certified Organic and contain no preservatives, additives, artificial flavoring, chemicals or dyes. They taste like, luscious fruit picked straight from the garden (because they are in fact made from luscious fruit - what a novel idea)! Nut free, gluten free, wheat free, casein free, soy free and dairy free, Torie and Howard Hard Candies and Chewie Fruities are also allergy friendly. It’s hard to go wrong with these unique treats.

Day 10: Rhinoware Hand Grinder

Rhinoware Hand GrinderFor the traveler who prefers to brew on the go, a Rhinoware Hand Grinder is a necessity. Because coffee beans lose many of their aromatic qualities after being ground, in order to preserve flavor, it is essential to brew immediately after grinding. However toting a large electric grinder everywhere your wanderlust takes you may not be pragmatic or feasible - which is why we recommend this nifty device! Designed to address customer feedback, the Rhinoware's sturdy stainless steel body is easy to hold and operate. Its handle fits snuggly and its central rod does not wobble ensuring grind consistency. Plus the Rhinoware Hand Grinder conveniently nests within an AeroPress saving space. So whether you are hiking the Inca Trail, taking a last minute trip to New York or spending a week in a historic European Hotel, you can enjoy a rich brew with Rhinoware's freshly ground beans.

Day 11: AeroPress Coffee Maker Kit

AeroPress Coffee Maker Kit

As mentioned yesterday, the lightweight and durable AeroPress Coffee Maker is portable and perfect for galavanting in style. Because it brews coffee with total immersion and rapid filtration, the Aeropress brings out a wide range of beautiful flavors while reducing bitterness and acidity. So embrace life - enjoy that gourmet coffee on top of a mountain! (... or brew from your sofa during a movie marathon - we won’t judge)

Day 12: Brewista Smart Scale 

Brewista Smart ScaleThe final cherry on top of (or rather underneath) any home brewing set-up is a high quality scale. Optimal brewing requires the precision of exact measurements and timed steeping so make sure you have an instrument that can handle both. With six automatic settings, a water resistant nano coating and a rubberised non-slip base, the Brewista Smart Scale is a versatile device suited for any manual brewing method. Use this handy tool to tare, time and measure to perfection as you refine your craft at home.



Twelve Days of Coffee Coffee Gifts

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